The yearning for a KW V3 in your Toyota GR Supra

The new Toyota GR Supra has finally been released! After more than 17 years, there is finally a new Supra on the market and it seems like the car supply industry has only been waiting for the new Toyota sports coupé.

The only challenge seems to be that too many fans have already waited far too long for a Supra successor and thus the GR has long been sold out according to Toyota!

Currently (as of August 2019), only pre-orders for 2020 can be made on the official homepage. Unbelievable!

Anyone ordering a Supra in summer 2019 will either have to wait patiently until 2020 or be very lucky and can purchase a Supra directly from the dealer – which is unfortunately rather unlikely. The hype seems to be too great.

According to the press portal of the car manufacturer, all 900 GR Supra destined for Europe have long been sold out! Equally, the 1500 copies for the US market are already on the way to the “pre-order customers”. The interesting thing is that the GR Supra rolls off the production line at Magna in Graz (Austria).

It’s also interesting to note that the GR Supra is not only available with the turbo charged 340 hp BMW six-cylinder in-line engine (B58B30), but also with a 197 hp and 258 hp turbo charged BMW four-cylinder engine (B48B20) in select European countries and Japan.

Directly at the time when the Toyota GR Supra is launched on the market, our KW coilover variant will also be available for the sports coupé. The first tuners in the USA are already going full speed with the current GR Supra.

Titan Motorsports from Orlando, Florida is one of the first U.S. tuners to show up with a refined Toyota at the GR Supra’s market launch in the U.S.

The installed alloy wheels are three-piece Vossen HF-3 wheels in 20 inches.

Within the scope of the technical parts certificate, the KW Variant 3 coilover can be used for a stepless lowering on the Toyota GR Supra from 15 – 35 millimeters on the front axle.

On the rear axle, the lowering range defined by means of the parts certificate is 20 – 40 millimeters.

As with the Supra race car of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Team, entered in the 2019 ADAC Total 24h Race Nürburgring, the compression and rebound can be adjusted independently on the Variant 3.

Worldwide all Toyota GR Supra GT4 Race Cars are homologated with a 2-way adjustable KW Competition Racing Suspension

So to speak, we have adapted our successful motorsport damper technology for the road in the V3. The V3 and the racing shocks differ in the valves, the preload of the valves, piston rods, setup, and all materials.

Twelve exact clicks can be chosen for the low-speed compression and there are 16 clicks for a more comfortable and tighter adjustment of the low-speed rebound.

The Variant 3 for the Toyota GR Supra is a coilover from our “Street Performance” delivery program. In contrast to a KW Clubsport suspension, the focus of the KW Variant 3 is more for sporty everyday driving comfort than track performance.

For example, in many “street performance” applications we use progressive suspension springs. You can find out more about the KW coilover Variant 3 for the Toyota GR Supra on the KW automotive blog – and yes, the silver-grey Supra is the Toyota from our KW dealer JP Performance.

Brent Huckaby’s 1997 Supra is of course also on track with a Variant 3

Those of you who just cannot get used to the fifth generation Toyota Supra; don’t panic, the KW coilover Variant 3 is also available for the “iconic Mk4” …

Photos Titan Motorsports (Cristian Laureano) 7x, Larry Chen Speedhunters 1x, KW

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