Trackday, Carl! KW Shakedown at Streets of Willow

The Streets of Willow Springs (Southern California, near Los Angeles)  it’s the perfect place to take hairpin turns at top speed while pushing your car to new limits next to some of the coolest cars you’ll ever see.

That’s exactly what a select group of KW customers and performance car enthusiasts did at the Streets of Willow, during the KW Shakedown trackday.


Hosted by KW and managed by Speed District, KW opened the track for drivers to test out their favorite performance machines, connect with other enthusiasts in the performance car community in a non-competitive track setting and get suspension tuning advice from our engineers.


If you’ve never been to a Speed District event before, all we can say is schedule one now. Drivers were split into three classes – beginner, intermediate, and advanced.


Although with professional drivers like Mike Essa and racing engineer Mike Kojima in attendance the bar was set pretty high so grouping drivers of similar skill levels on track kept the track running really smooth.

Each run group followed their appropriate passing guidelines to assist with pacing vehicles appropriately and provide a safer track experience so each driver could get the most out of their track time.

KW Shakedown 2017: Josh Shokri leading the drivers meeting. The advanced group drivers were excused after the main rules were explained, leaving the intermediate & beginner groups to discuss a few more important topics like track etiquette, flagging and passing rules.

The day started in the early morning hours with a drivers meeting – a relaxed instructional session where Josh Shokri from Speed District briefed the drivers on track rules and etiquette.

KW Shakedown: The KW Shakedown models, Angela & Kelly, were on hand to greet the drivers and provide them some KW goodies and car run group stickers for the day! 

To ensure all attendees had the best experience and proper equipment, everything was covered, from helmets rentals for drivers or passengers who didn’t have their own to providing transponders to those drivers who wanted to test their abilities and record their track times.

KW Shakedown 2017: The team from Clarion Build’s brought out their NSX project for a little fine tuning. Thankfully for Klaus Frank, director of R&D in the USA, the setup for the NSX was pretty much spot on out of the box!

Throughout the day KW engineers were available to advise drivers on tuning their suspension and improve their vehicle’s performance.

During rest stops, drivers had the chance to make adjustments and test out different settings on their KW Clubsport, Competition and Variant 3 kits.

Although with a small group of drivers running in quick turns you didn’t have much downtime between laps.

When lunchtime rolled around, most of the drivers were ready for a break after pushing their vehicles to the limit.

During lunch the skid pad was open, giving attendees the opportunity to test out and show off their drifting skills which also provided some nice entertainment.

Then it was back to the track to squeeze in as many laps as possible before the day ended, which felt way too soon for all that were in attendance.

Before the warm afternoon ended we were able to gather all who attended for a big group photo, and provided them with some refreshing shaved ice desserts and hor d’oeuvres before they hit the road to drive home.

KW Shakedown: Larry Chen went to work capturing a group shot of the remaining cars. Quite a few vehicles were missing as they decided to try and get a jump on the long drive home to Northern California.

A great ending to a perfect day. See you next time.


All photos are shot by our friend and Speedhunter Larry Chen.

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