Tuning World Bodensee 2015 – Planet KW suspensions


One of the biggest car shows for fans of slammed and modified cars in Germany is the Tuning World Bodensee. It’s the epi-centre for the German Stance movement and the holy grail of slammed Volkswagen, Opel (Vauxhall), BMW, Audi and even some Japanese and French cars. Japanese manufacturers only sold the boring versions of their legendary cars in Germany so you are really lucky if you spot a Nissan R33 or R34 Skyline or a classic Hachiroko (AE86).

Germany is the home of the GTI, the M3 and the Blitz (Opel) and the halls are filled with German metal. On the four days of Show&Shine in Friedrichshafen (South of Germany near the border to Switzerland) over 100,000 horsepower and petrol heads invaded the show, the majority of which came by our booth!


With a host of KW suspensions and ST suspensions world premieres we celebrated a successful show weekend, even when a lot of VAG enthusiasts were already camped out around lake Worthersee, Faaker See and the top of the “Pyramidenkogel” in Austria – two weeks in front of the official GTI Worthersee Event. But back to the “Swabian Sea” aka Bodensee.


Our German KW representative, friend and TV host Sidney Hoffmann showcased the first Porsche 997 turbo with a Liberty Walk Performance wide-body in Europe.


Sidney, the Guy with the V3 strut in his hands, also built the whole suspension himself at our German HQ. The guy on the left side with the microphone is our KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker who you may know from our Press Releases and Videos.

Unfortunately, the Video is only available in German.

Alongside the LB 997, we also showcased the first lowered Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S.


Owner of the AMG is Domanig Autodesign and we want to thank Mr. Domanig for bringing his beautiful Mercedes-Benz AMG with our KW HAS (height adjustable springs) to the show. Soon we will have our KW Hydraulic Lift System (HLS) for the latest Mercedes sports car ready to order.

TWB_06 TWB_07

We also showcased the new BMW M4 Convertible with KW V3 suspension and the fastest front wheel drive car at the German racetrack Sachsenring, with 280 bhp and a KW Clubsport kit the Seat ruled the FWD (front wheel drive) laptimes.

TWB_08 TWB_09

The show offers a unique opportunity for people to chat to our engineers from the technical department, plus the sales and race services. Tuning World Bodensee also allows us to meet at many old friends like this guy with the cap. In the past 25 years this guy (Joerg Deckert) have been building the craziest Volkswagen cars in the German scene and for some Volkswagen fans he is the original “Mr. VeeDub”.


This Opel Astra G Caravan (Station Wagon) isn’t a project from Joerg Deckert, it’s a project of another famous face at the show, “Mr. Goldfinger” aka Robert Klinger. He is one of the leading Show&Shine Artists in the German scene. In the past he’s won with his KW equipped Astra G Coupé and Astra G Caravan ( fitted with KW Variant 3 + KW HLS) many awards. Check out this link www.see-you.at.vu and see his Opels plus some of his friends projects.


Even this former 1.8 liter BMW Z3 Roadster (now with BMW M3 S50B32 engine and SMG I) is equipped with a KW Variant 2 coilover kit and one of the coolest feature cars ever in Germany.


This BMW E30 with its so called flip front and BMW S50B30 six-pack is one of the Top 16 cars of the European Tuning Showdown and is equipped with KW Competition racing coilovers with top mounts.


A lot of the showcased cars at the Tuning World Bodensee are equipped with our KW coilover kits and combined won a lot of competitions on the past four days.


Our ST suspensions booth had a great impact in the German market at the show. Our ST suspensions team did a great job and they showcased one of the first modified Ford Mustang VI in Germany.

TWB_16 TWB_17


Alongside of Ken Block Videos, limited ST suspensions and Hoonigan Racing Merchandising a lot of people visited the ST booth due our ST Wheel Spacers, ST sport suspension and our ST coilover kits.


And Fans of the DTM got the chance of playing DTM Experience 2014 at our KW booth if they didn’t get any tickets for the season opener of the DTM at the same weekend.

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