Ultimate Dubs 2023: KW leaves a lasting impression at aftermarket Volkswagen Group car show

Performance Stance for the people – KW automotive UK showcased our latest products at Ulitmate Dubs

The flurries of late British winter snow did little to impede the hordes of dedicated enthusiasts making their annual pilgrimage to the Telford International Centre (West Midlands, UK) for the 2023 instalment of the Ultimate Dubs event in March.

The KW Automotive Group boasted a large presence at this indoor event, also exhibiting its premium brand BBS Wheels, with both receiving endless interest throughout the day.

Porsche Cayman GT4 with KW V4 Racing suspension kit and BBS CI-R Unlimited in 20 x 9″

Ultimate Dubs brings together some of the finest modified VW Group cars from the UK and Europe, showcased in this indoor location, with high performance and aggressive stance being the main themes. It was a pleasing sight to see a large portion of the vehicles on display sporting components from both KW and BBS, reaffirming the continued popularity of our brands.

On the KW side of the booth, the UK team’s Mk8 VW Golf R and Porsche Cayman GT4 took pride of place, with the Mk7 VW Golf GTI Clubsport also present on the adjacent Cobra Seats stand.

BBS CH-R Nurburgring Edition in 18 x 8,5″

All vehicles were treated to a thorough detailing with Gtechniq ceramic coating cleaning products prior to the event, to bring out their optimum shine under the venue’s lights.

The Mk8 VW Golf R was adorned with our famous since 2011 available adaptive KW DDC Plug & Play coilover suspension kits. When converting to a KW DDC plug&play there is also no cable mess.

The original adaptive suspension plugs get simply connected to the compatible plug connection of the KW DDC shocks. Done. The standard onboard electronics then recognize the adaptive coilover suspension right away.

Nowadays our semi-active coilovers are compatible with more and more cars; even for the latest Audi RS3 our DDC Plug & Play kit is available! No wonder our KW DDC is since years a game-changer for modern cars where adaptive suspension is already a commonplace option for discerning drivers.

Over on the Cobra Seats booth, the Mk7 VW Golf GTI Clubsport’s road-and-track credentials were enhanced with KW V4 Clubsport coilovers. With extensive testing on the gruelling Nürburgring Nordschleife, these vehicle-specific coilovers deliver track performance for street-legal machines – ideal for the serious track day enthusiast and weekend pleasure driver. KW’s V4 uses similar technology to racing suspension in the Competition line, with fine-tuning options for compression damping separately in low-speed and high-speed ranges.

KW’s Porsche Cayman GT4 (981) illustrated the new KW V4 Racing component, an adjustable SingleTube racing damper with reservoir, coil spring valve technology and 3-way damper force adjustment. Designed to excel in a number of competitive motorsport disciplines, they strike the perfect balance between optimum performance and maximum reliability.

Products from the popular V1, V2 and V3 lines were also displayed elsewhere on the booth, all of which continued to prove extremely popular. Ultimate Dubs was also one of the first chances for the KW Automotive Group to exhibit the BBS Wheels range to the UK market since the takeover of the company in 2021.

At the BBS part of the stand, the BBS Unlimited system unsurprisingly attracted the most attention. Currently available in the CI-R style (which was being sported on both cars on display).

With BBS Unlimited we offers for example base wheels of the CI-R design in numerous colours, sizes and rim widths as well as concavity. All BBS Unlimited wheels have the bolt pattern 5×117.5. Via our innovative BBS hub adapters, which are available in widths from 14 to 50 millimetres per wheel, the selected base wheel can be adapted to the bolt pattern of the selected vehicle.

BBS CI-R Unlimited 20 x 9″ offset 59 mm with 14 mm adapter

At the same time, the offset of the base wheel can be precisely changed. The hub adapters are made of a high-quality and subsequently epoxidized aluminium alloy and are extremely corrosion resistant. Centering rings made of high-strength polyamide composite material ensure optimum centering of hub adapter and wheel so that no vibrations can occur.

All BBS Unlimited wheels will have the bolt pattern 5×117.5 and with the BBS adapters you can mount the wheels on every car with 5-bolt-pattern

The hub adapters are attached to the wheel hub using short-head wheel bolts or wheel nuts. The wheel is mounted on the hub adapter using wheel bolts specially developed for the “BBS Unlimited” range. They are made of steel or titanium. The loose tapered collar compensates for tolerances and torsional forces. An integrated hexagon socket is designed to prevent damage to the wheel when tightening the wheel bolts.

Awesome: Cayman GT4 with 20 x 11,5″ BBS CI-R Unlimited

End customers from the aftermarket can choose their favourite from a wide range of colour options for the base wheel, rim protector, center cap and valve cap and configure the look of their BBS wheel individually. The CI-R design is as BBS CI-R Unlimited also known as CI-R U available in the dimensions 19, 20 and 21 inches and rim widths 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5 and 12 inches. Further flow-forming wheels will follow.

Looking good our BBS CI-R in Indigo Blue

The weight-optimised CI-R base wheels are available in the colours and finishes Black Silk Matt, Bronze Silk Matt, Racing Gold Silk Matt, Diamond Black Glossy, White Gold Silk Matt, Indigo Blue, Polished Ceramic and Platinum Silver. The rim protector can be optionally configured in black, red, blue, yellow, bronze, stainless steel and gold.

Valve caps can be ordered in the colours black, red, blue, yellow, chrome, gold bronze. The BBS center cap can also be customised. It is available in black, red, blue, yellow, carbon, chrome or bronze in the logo colours silver, grey/white, silver/red, bronze or gold with two- or three-dimensional embossing.

BBS is adding to its Unlimited range with the striking RT-U design that was first showcased at the Essen Motor Show in October 2022. A stunning bronze/black example of this upcoming Unlimited wheel was present to show the next style to come in the range.

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