Unleash your Alfa Romeo Giulia (952) with KW suspension kits: Available for all Giulia’s with or without AWD

Since its market launch, the Alfa Romeo Giulia (952) has been one of the most beautiful mid-range saloons and convinces not only with its design but also with its driving values.

For demanding Alfisti, which would like to increase the driving dynamics together with a stepless lowering, KW automotive has developed different coilover suspension kits.

As one of the few manufacturers of coilover suspension kits, we can also offer a kit with part certificates for all Alfa Romeo Giulia models with four-wheel-drive (Alfa Q4).

For every demand, the right suspension for the Alfa Romeo Giulia

While the models with rear-wheel drive can be lowered continuously between 15 and 35 millimeters on both axles with a Variant 3 and a Variant 1, the approved lowering range for the all-wheel-drive models is 30 – 50 millimeters on the front axle and 35 – 55 millimeters on the rear axle.

We manufacture our KW Variant 3 dampers with an adjustable multi-valve technology, which enables a harmonious suspension even with a stiff setup.

With 16 clicks, the valve-diameter in the low-speed rebound valve can be reduced or enlarged to further adjust the damping precisely to the individual driving needs.

When the rebound valve is opened, driving comfort is increased. When the rebound valve is closed, the body’s pitching and rolling movements are significantly reduced. Handling becomes even more dynamic than in series production.

In addition, the adjustable low-speed compression valve can be closed or opened with twelve clicks. These adjust the grip level of the tires and the handling as well.

Simply put, the task of the rebound damping is to connect the chassis to the road, while the compression damping influences the compression and supports the body structure.

On undulating roads, the suspensions damp harmoniously even at maximum lowering and prevent unstable driving, transpiring pitching, and rolling movements of the chassis are noticeably reduced.

All Alfa Romeo Giulia models equipped with the KW coilover suspension kits, are made of stainless-steel, and benefit from increased handling and more safety even in the limits of driving dynamics.

In contrast, in the Variant 1, which we offer for the Alfa Romeo Giulia models without four-wheel drive, the damper set-up cannot be individually adjusted separately with 16 clicks in rebound and twelve clicks in compression. The valves also differ in the Variant 1 shocks.

While the KW Variant 3 coilover suspension with separate compression and rebound damping is available for all models except the Quadrifoglio, the Variant 1 is developed only for the Alfa Romeo Giulia four-cylinder models with rear-wheel drive.

KW DDC coilover suspension with adaptive damper control for Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

All those who, like Jeremy Clarkson, think that the 510 hp “Quadrifoglio” has too small wheels, we have developed the adaptive KW DDC plug&play coilover suspension kit. It’s the best way to fight the wheel gap.

The KW DDC plug&play coilover suspension with electronically adjustable damper characteristics reads the standard sensors of the Variant 3 and Variant 1 and alters adaptively to the respective driving situation within hundredths of a second. The different modes can still be selected via the series switch in the cockpit.

At our homepage www.kwsuspensions.net you’ll find all technical information, prices and deliefery times for our KW coilover suspension kits for your Alfa Romeo Giulia (952).

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