KW at Ford Fair 2014

Ford Fair is Europe’s largest Ford Festival and an awesome event to showcase the latest KW products both on and off track.

Off circuit customers were invited to get up close and personal with the KW product line, with everything from our fixed damping V1 kits through to damping adjustable V3, Clubsport and Race kits, plus the fantastic new range of ST suspensions product.


Also on display were the KW DDC and HLS technologies. HLS is KW’s Hydraulic Lift System which allows your vehicles ride height to be lifted at the touch of a button.

DDC is KW’s innovative adaptive electronic damping, Dynamic Damping Control. This allows three distinct damper settings to be chosen without leaving the driving seat and will integrate into both cars supplied with electronic damping from factory and cars without by using the KW DDC ECU module.

On track KW Team Driver Marc Kemp put the KW Ford Focus ST and the ST suspensions Fiesta ST through their paces. Both cars were running with road tyres and minimal modifications to give customers an understanding of just how effective damper changes can be to a car.

The Focus sports a KW Variant 3 Coilover system, Tarox big brake kit, KW rear anti-roll bar, ST 15mm wheel spacers and Falken Azenis 235/40/18 tyres. Taking care in the engine department is of a Scorpion cat-back exhaust system.

‘I’ve driven the Focus on several occasions now, and it’s still surprising just how much grip and speed it carries.’ proclaimed Marc Kemp emerging from the driving seat. ‘This state of tune makes it a fantastically balanced and drivable car. A couple of damper tweaks to the adjustable V3 KW dampers and its perfect.’


Providing Marc with a change of surroundings on the day was the ST suspensions Fiesta, complete with the flagship ST XTA coil over kit, ST 15mm wheel spacers, Alcon brake kit and Bridgestone 205/40/18 tyres. Engine modifications extend to a Forge front mount intercooler, Scorpion exhaust system and Revo software.

Engineered by KW, ST suspensions gives access to KW technology at a lower price point. To find out more about ST suspensions check out the Facebook page here.


‘It’s an incredibly capable car. I don’t think I’ve been overtaken at all today… in either car!’ said Marc. ‘The ST suspensions ST XTA has allowed us to add some more camber up front to get the best out of the chassis on track, something which puts this kit light years ahead of any suspension kit in this price bracket.’


Despite having driven numerous vehicles with all manner of KW suspensions setups, Marc became rather fond of the Ford duo over the course of the day and the closing quote from Marc just about sums it up;

‘It never ceases to amaze me just how much difference the right coil over kit can make to a car. People coming out in either the Fiesta or Focus can’t believe the speed we are able to carry against other cars out on track with a much longer spec list’.


Around the show you could see Fords of all ages, and it’s great to see such a huge diversity of models throughout the ages side by side. This year was a great Ford Fair for KW Automotive and we look forward to next year!


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