Expanded vertical integration at our KW HQ in Fichtenberg – our expansion is progressing in big steps

The construction of the eighth production hall, which began in summer 2022, is progressing (bottom left in the picture); 
Around 16,000 cubic meters of soil were moved for excavation

The construction of our eighth production hall at our headquarters in Fichtenberg is progressing in great strides . Up to 70 additional jobs are currently being created there, primarily in manufacturing and development. After all, we at KW automotive work for more and more automobile brands and small series manufacturers.

As KW automotive, we are, among other things, a technology partner at Brabus and a technical partner of the Lamborghini Squadra Corse , the motorsport department of the Italian automobile manufacturer. For the first time in our company’s history, we are also equipping LMDh racing cars (Le Mans Daytona hybrid) with dampers in the highest WEC and IMSA endurance classes.

In order to avoid being affected by interrupted supply chains or production bottlenecks, we have further expanded automation at KW automotive in recent months. Always keeping an eye on being able to continue producing in batch sizes of one.

Another high-performance machining center is used primarily for suspension struts with large clamping diameters

Another high-performance four-axis machining center combined with a Fanuc robot we employed in our KW Headquarter. Basically, all we have to do is set up and program the center, then our robot colleague will start working.

In order to produce small parts for the damper valves, we recently also had an automatic four-axis machining center. In this we build the low-speed valve housings and it’s all so tiny that some people always ask us whether we’ve been producing model car components recently. This facility is also fully automated so that we can increase our productivity to meet demand.

Our colleagues from the welding shop are currently setting up a robot-assisted welding cell in collaboration with PPS Automation.

We can then weld around 70 threaded tubes per assembly automatically using the CMT process, which above all helps us to have more capacity for our coilovers.

New automobiles and especially electric vehicles are becoming increasingly heavier and the demands placed on chassis development are changing accordingly. We test all of our new developments extensively with a new endurance test bench that tests the KW and Reiger dampers with a stroke of 7.5 meters per second and stimulates a force of up to 160 kilonewtons.

Only when all of our high demands on function and quality have been met will our new developments be incorporated into our well-known manufacturing process based on the built-to-order principle and you can order our innovative chassis from specialist retailers or order them directly from us.

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