Turn any racetrack into your track: Introducing the new generation of KW V4 Clubsport coilover suspension kits for all BMW 3 Series (G20)

The new generation of KW V4 Clubsport coilovers incorporates a greater emphasis on components derived from motorsport

Drivers who’ve pushed their limits on the racetrack with our Clubsport coilovers – adjustable from two-way to four-way depending on your needs – know the truth: KW Clubsport suspension delivers the performance edge for faster lap times. That’s precisely why we developed our Clubsport chassis – to elevate your entire track experience.

Thanks to the parts certificate, the KW V4 Clubsport can also impress outside of the Green Hell

Thanks to our advanced valve technology, the KW V4 Clubsport coilovers bridge the gap between racetrack and street, allowing for a customizable suspension setup. Unlike dedicated motorsport applications, all KW coilovers, including the V4 Clubsport, boast parts certificates for street legality.

Here’s our previous advertisement for the KW Clubsport 3-way, now known as the KW V4 Clubsport

This blog post introduces you to our all-new KW V4 Clubsport coilover kit. We’ve completely redesigned our most popular KW Clubsport coilovers, previously known as the KW Clubsport 3-way, specifically for the latest generation BMW 3 Series (G20).

Sharp eyes will spot the significant evolution of the KW V4 Clubsport coilover kit. For us car enthusiasts, this is more than just a cosmetic upgrade. Think of it this way: the previous KW V4 Clubsport, designed for the E92 M3, has been completely revamped to match the performance capabilities of the current G80 M3.

The new KW V4 Clubsport coilover kit for the BMW 3 Series (G20) operates in a league of its own. Backed by a parts certificate, it surpasses anything else currently available

The new KW V4 Clubsport coilover suspension benefits from cutting-edge technology. During development, we benchmarked it against our latest innovations for customer racing programs used by various auto manufacturers. This means individual components in the KW V4 Clubsport for the BMW 3 Series (G20) are derived from parts trusted in the high-performance BMW M customer racing world.

Already a Champion: BMW M4 GT3 with KW V6 racing shocks

For years, KW has collaborated with BMW on select motorsport projects. We’re proud to be the official BMW Motorsport Supplier for the BMW M4 GT3, meaning every single M4 GT3 racing worldwide benefits from our cutting-edge motorsport technology. Learn more about this exciting partnership and other BMW projects on our blog!

Unlike the current BMW M4 GT3 racing car with its non-MacPherson strut suspension, the BMW M4 GT4 racer shares more similarities with the road car. However, the GT4 doesn’t utilize standard MacPherson struts in the front axle either. Instead, it benefits from a specially developed suspension component from our KW Racing program.

Regulations in the M4 GT4 racing car restrict us to a two-way adjustable KW V5 Racing damper. However, the heart of our new KW V4 Clubsport coilover suspension is a versatile, three-way adjustable KW Racing single-tube damper. This damper builds upon the success of our KW V4 Racing chassis (KW Competition 3A), a platform that has supported numerous motorsport teams to victory, not just on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

This BMW 330i (G20) competed in the VT2 class of the NLS. In a nutshell, a “VT2-BMW” is closer to a production car than a GT4 race car. That’s why we’re currently using only four load cells on our 7-post rig

Our engineers leverage the 7-post vertical dynamics test rig during every suspension development process to achieve the ideal balance between handling and comfort. In the case of the Clubsport suspension kit, the primary focus is minimizing wheel load fluctuations to maximize grip between the tire and the road surface.

For ultimate performance, a KW V4 Clubsport coilover truly shines when paired with semi-slick tires

Beyond enhanced acceleration and braking traction, the KW V4 Clubsport unlocks superior cornering capabilities. This enables the chassis and tires to generate higher lateral forces, resulting in faster cornering speeds, quicker lap times, and a sharper overall performance for your BMW.

Technical note: The bright chrome element behind the linear racing spring is the damper cartridge, not the piston rod

As lap times plummet and speeds soar, the forces on suspension components skyrocket. That’s why the KW V4 Clubsport coilover suspension utilizes an innovative upside-down design. This means the KW single-tube damper cartridge is flipped 180 degrees within the shock absorber. This brilliant engineering move eliminates lateral guiding forces on the piston rod.

This upside-down design is now a core feature in most of our new Clubsport applications for modern vehicles like the BMW M2 (G87), M3 (G80), and M4 (G82), as well as the Honda Civic Type R (FL5). Moving forward, we’ll strategically incorporate this design into future KW V3 Clubsport and KW V4 Clubsport applications for specific car models.

The KW Clubsport’s rear support bearings benefit from technology proven on the racetrack! They’re derived from our developments for the high-performance BMW M4 GT4 racing car

The KW Clubsport aluminum support bearings with unibal joints allow camber adjustment on the rear axle. However, the standard unibal bearing included with the rear dampers doesn’t offer this functionality. In those cases, the track control arms need to be used for camber adjustments. For BMW M derivatives like the M2, M3, and M4 (both F and G series), we’ve conveniently developed track control arm sets equipped with unibal bearings.

With the KW V4 Clubsport coilover suspension, the BMW M240i Coupé can be lowered by up to 55 millimeters

The KW V4 Clubsport coilover suspension, featuring its innovative upside-down MacPherson struts, is now engineered for the BMW M240i Coupé (G42). We can’t wait to see the community and our specialist KW retailers push this setup to its limits and record impressive lap times!

The KW V4 Clubsport coilover is available not only for the BMW 3 Series (G20) and BMW 4 Series (G22) but also for all engines of the BMW 2 Series (G42), including the M240i

The KW V4 Clubsport coilover suspension kit is designed explicitly for near-production vehicles utilizing semi-slick tires. While standard sports tires are compatible, the true brilliance of our Clubsport chassis shines brightest when paired with semis.

Our KW Clubsport coilovers have been developed for near-production vehicles – which is why they also have a parts certificate

At KW, “near-production” means the BMW retains its street legality. This BMW maintains its original functionality, unlike a stripped-down race car with lightweight parts and no creature comforts.

Even in the preset setup, our chassis brings a certain level of composure to the BMW, allowing the car to remain safely controllable at the limits of driving dynamics. With its multi-valve technology, the three-way adjustable Clubsport suspension absorbs bumps and transverse joints cleanly. Even when cutting into curbs, a near-production BMW 3 Series equipped with the KW V4 Clubsport coilover suspension can always be safely controlled.

The BMW 3 Series (G20) Sedan can be lowered by up to 60 mm with the KW V4 Clubsport

The KW V4 Clubsport coilover suspension enables a lowering range of 40 to 60 millimeters on the BMW 3 Series (G20) sedan, regardless of rear-wheel drive or xDrive all-wheel drive. For the BMW 4 Series Coupé (G22), all-wheel drive models can be lowered by 30 to 50 millimeters, with a forthcoming release of the V4 Clubsport for the rear-wheel drive G22.

 You can configure the BMW 3 Series (G20) on the KW homepage (www.kwsuspensions.net), where you’ll find all the information, including installation instructions, setup recommendations, parts reports, delivery times, and the recommended retail price. 

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