A Fusion of Legacy and Innovation: KW becomes official supplier for Trans-Am Series

We from KW automotive group are now intensifying our involvement in North American motorsports with a new collaboration. With our brand KW suspensions, we have joined forces with the iconic American Trans-Am Series and its supporting circuits: SVRA, PSSA, FR, and F4, marking a significant stride in the realm of racing.

This strategic partnership underscores our steadfast dedication to enhancing performance for racing teams globally. Known for our precision engineering and unparalleled expertise, we at KW suspensions aims to furnish Trans-Am teams and drivers with our well-known suspension systems that promise peerless performance, precise handling, and steadfast reliability – essentials for mastering racetracks and seizing championship titles.

“The recent years have seen us supporting global platforms like GT3, GT4, and Touring Car, which has been a rewarding journey,” states Chris Attkisson, Program Manager, Motorsports at KW suspensions North America. “Now, we’re broadening our horizons to embrace yet another prestigious racing series here in North America – and the Trans-Am Series perfectly aligns with our vision!”

With roots tracing back to 1966, the Trans-Am Series boasts a storied legacy in American road racing. Racing luminaries such as A.J. Foyt, Richard Petty, Jacky Ickx, Mark Donohue, and Parnelli Jones have left indelible marks through exhilarating on-track rivalries. Today, the spirit of intense competition endures, as a diverse array of cars vie for supremacy across Trans-Am’s esteemed categories and associated series.

KW Suspensions is poised to make a significant impact on this dynamic landscape. While Parsons Racing conducted earlier tests with our KW V3 Racing dampers in TA2, the 2024 season heralds a fresh beginning for KW in the series. As an official series partner, KW will actively collaborate with teams to showcase the competitive advantage offered by their advanced suspension technology.

While our KW V3 Racing dampers are presently tailored for the TA2 class, the intention is to broaden the offering. Teams across all categories will have access to KW V3 Racing, V4 Racing and V5 Racing dampers, enabling them to tailor their setups to suit specific racing demands.

The Trans-Am Series hosts some of North America’s fastest cars. At Sebring International Raceway, for instance, top TA class cars clocked astonishing lap times of 2:00:43, with others closely trailing at approximately 2:01:29. To put this into perspective, the winning GTD Pro car at the 2023 Sebring 12 Hours registered a best lap of 2:02:39. This underscores the TA cars’ remarkable 1-2 second per lap advantage at Sebring!

“Although featuring marginally lower horsepower and less sophisticated technology compared to TA cars, TA2 class vehicles deliver commendable performance. At Sebring, TA2 cars recorded respectable lap times ranging from 2:07:00 to 2:08:00. These figures outshine those of IMSA GT4 cars, which typically complete Sebring laps in the 2:10:00 range” stated Chris Attkisson.

In essence, TA and TA2 cars stand as formidable contenders, boasting remarkable speed despite not belonging to the GT3 category. Armed with our cutting-edge technology and an unwavering commitment to racing excellence, we are primed to empower teams and drivers in their pursuit of triumphs, thereby etching their names into the annals of American motorsports history.

Images and Video by Trans Am

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