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Increased handling for the Alfa Romeo Giulia (952)

In contrast to other aftermarket suspensions, our KW Variant 3 has the advantage that the coilover is thoroughly made of stainless steel, which enables independent adjustment of the dampers in compression and rebound. Now the popular suspension is also available ...

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“Phase 1.5” Widow Maker par excellence

A few years ago, we introduced Brian Dodd’s French Widow Maker on our blog, his Renault Clio V6. The fact that the Brit sold his BMW M3 CSL (E46 model) to buy himself a Renault Clio V6 caused quite some ...

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“Datsun Z Hot Wheel” on a scale of 1:1

Sometimes it takes a little longer than you might think, but in our progress of developing modern adjustable shocks and Coilover suspension kits for classic cars, we also now offer kits for so-called exotic vintage cars and not only for ...

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