Full program for the latest BMW 2-series Coupé (G42): KW coilover kits with parts certificate now available

This KW V3-lowered 2-series BMW Coupé in striking BMW thunder night metallic

The G42 2-series in BMW thunder night metallic never fails to grab the attention of its admirers. It’s compact, sporty, and fun to drive.

No wonder many BMW enthusiasts become giddy the closer the BMW-M2 delivery date approaches and desperately wait to finally order the car.

Are you already excited about the new BMW M2?

Well – those that know us understand that we couldn’t wait any longer. Therefore, we went for the M240i with a 3-liter straight-six and 374 HP.

The KW V1 doesn’t enable further adjustments to the damper setup

Besides the M240i, we also offer our coilover kits (parts certificate included) for all BMW 2-series Coupé (e.g. the 218i Coupé, the 220d Coupé, or the 230i) and also for the all-wheel drive BMW M240i xDrive Coupé we offer the KW V1, V2, and V3.

With our coilovers inside, the BMW M240i can be lowered up to 50 millimeters at the front axle and up to 55 millimeters at the rear axle

Due to its construction, the parts certificate for the M240i xDrive doesn’t offer much room for lowering. However, all other G42 Coupés can be lowered between 30 and 50 millimeters at the front axle and 35 to 55 millimeters at the rear axle.

At the front, the car was lowered 50 millimeters. The mounted wheels are BBS CI-R Unlimited (8 x 20” / offset: 23)

One, Two, or Three?

Whether KW V1, KW V2, or KW V3 coilover kit for your 2-series BMW Coupé (G42) – all products enable the same amount of lowering

No matter if you decide on buying a KW V1, KW V2, or KW V3 coilover kit for your 2-series BMW Coupé – you will take the driving dynamic of your car to the next level. All three coilover versions focus on a sporty and harmonic damper setup. And it works – with the popular KW setup, we convince even the most demanding customers.

Our KW V3 coilover kit offers the most comfort and gain in performance

All three KW coilover kits give the 2-series Coupé (G42) more direct connection to the road. The entire driving becomes more neutral and the chassis rolls less in curves.

Besides the spring struts, the rear axle damper housing is made of stainless steel

We also try to enhance driving comfort with our coilovers. Whereby the most significant performance and comfort gain is offered by the KW V3 coilover suspension due to its multi-valve technology in the compression valve.

The damper setup of the KW V1 isn’t further adjustable. However, the KW V2 coilover kit offers rebound adjustment for more direct handling of the car. Here, we rely on our well-known two-way rebound valve with TVR-A (twin-valve rebound – adjustable) technology. The highspeed rebound valve is already pre-adjusted. The lowspeed rebound can be adjusted with 16 clicks in the aftermath.

The lowspeed compression adjustment wheel is at the bottom of the spring strut

When deciding on a V3 coilover kit, not only the lowspeed rebound can be changed but also the lowspeed compression. The range for compression damping is arranged with 12 clicks. When changing the compression damping, the car rolling and nodding as well as the steering changes.

All KW coilover kits give the 2-series BMW Coupé (G42) a more direct street connection

If the valves are opened, the compression decreases. The vehicle dips more quickly during steering movements. When compression increases, the piston rod dips more slowly. Therefore, the BMW becomes more stable when steering. The stronger the compression adjustment, the more precise the steering.

Three compression valves for the KW V3 and one compression valve for the KW V2

In contrast to the V1 and V2, the KW V3 compression valve has a two-way structure. Thanks to the TVC-A multi-valve technology, the non-adjustable highspeed valves open as soon as the wheel drives over bumps.

The result: The wheels stay connected to the ground and the coilover kit dampens the shocks without losing traction.

The rebound is individually adjustable with the KW V2 coilover kit

Regarding the coilover springs for the 2-series BMW Coupé (G42), we use the same spring rate for the KW V1, KW V2, and KW V3. All three coilovers come with a similar pre-adjusted basic damper setup. The V1 differs from the other products because it isn’t further adjustable in its setup.

The basic setup of the KW V3 coilover kit

When purchasing the KW V2 or V3 with the possibility to further adjust the compression and rebound you don’t need to worry – we already pre-adjusted the coilover setup in production. That so-called basic setup is our recommendation which we estimated in the development of the coilover kit for the respective car model and in driving tests.

Every KW V2 and KW V3 comes with a setup introduction

You can simply adjust the damper setup to your needs. We always recommend only adjusting one parameter (compression, rebound, front axle, rear axle) at a time and then test on the road. What’s even better is when you buy and install your KW coilover kit at one of our many retail partners. There, experienced installation partners can set the ideal damping setup.

The KW V4 Clubsport coilover suspension will also be available for the current BMW 2 Series Coupe, including the BMW M2 and BMW 3 Series and BMW 4 Series

Dive deeper into our performance-enhancing KW coilover suspensions for the BMW 2 Series (G42) and M2 (G87) on the KW homepage. Stay tuned for an exciting new addition coming soon – the KW V4 Clubsport for all current BMW 2, 3, and 4 Series!

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