LSD Doors now available for Audi R8 models

LSD-Doors hinges characterize small cars and super sport cars already for a decade. With a low installation effort, the series hinges are replaced by the vehicle-specific LSD fittings, in order to enable an opening of the doors like it works for many Lamborghini models. Now KW automotive has further developed the stylistic influencing LSD-Doors. From now on, the latest generation of LSD hinges guide the door upwards at one time, without having to open the door first up to a certain degree to the outside. The new LSD-Doors are now available for a range of super sport cars such as the Audi R8 GT Spyder or the Lamborghini Gallardo. Soon, the new LamboStyleDoors will also be available for other car models.


The LSD door fittings developed by KW automotive are one of the most popular accessory applications. They convince drivers worldwide with their functionality, quality and safety. Each LSD hinge is a vehicle-specific development that meets the requirements of the automotive industry to suppliers. For the installation on the original mounting points of the series hinges, no major modifications at the body are necessary. Through its adjustability during installation, the hinge guiding and the perfect fit, the doors close as if each vehicle was equipped from the factory with these LSD fittings. After opening the door, it now independently slides in a harmonic motion up to the top.


Automotive manufacturers and industry partners use the knowledge of LSD for the development of wing door hinges and fittings for exclusive special series. The LSD door fittings are available from specialist dealers. More information and the latest application list is available online at

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