July 7th 2017: Join our exclusive ST sports driver practice!

You have always wanted to know, how our ST XTA coilovers with adjustable Unibal top mounts and dampers “perform” compared to the series suspension of the Ford Focus RS? Then we got something for you!

In advance of the Focus RS meeting at the Nürburgring, ST suspensions exclusively offers eight to ten person who are driving a Ford Focus RS Mk III close to series themselves, the opportunity to participate with their RS at a track day on the “auto, motor und sport” driving safety center at the Nürburgring”!

All participants at this track day receive a driver training including coaching on the area of the driving safety center at a ST suspensions special price (149 Euro instead of 249 Euro) and after driving with their own Ford Focus RS III, they are able to drive with our ST suspensions Ford Focus RS with ST XTA coilovers installed, to experience the direct comparison! In the evening, there is even the option of a “free driving” on the circuit of the Nürburgring driving safety center.

Part of the training is slalom practice, braking and evasive maneuver, driving curves, to get a skidding vehicle under control, load changing slalom, circular track drifting, double track change and handling courses. Each participant also receives a ST certificate with the value of 100 Euro and in addition we raffle a ST coilover kit.

Everyone who would like to participate, just contact our colleague and ST suspensions brand Manager Christina Gabriel via Email (Christina.Gabriel@kwautomotive.de). Would be cool if you could attach some photos and a short profile of your car. See you at the Nürburgring!

Really quick the facts about our ST XTA; You can lower your Ford Focus RS at the front axle by 50 mm and at the rear axle by 55 mm.

The rebound forces of the dampers can be adjusted with 16 clicks for a better handling and in order to always get the maximum performance with your ST XTA, the aluminum Unibal top mounts are a fix part of the delivery content.

Our top mounts are the ideal accessory for the Focus RS driver among you, who miss the option of a camber adjustment at their Ford. By changing the camber angle, the wheels receive an optimum support surface when driving curves. More information about our ST XTA coilovers at www.st-suspensions.net


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