KW automotive Group presents its brands at the Essen Motor Show 2023 in Germany

You can find the booths of BBS (3A47) and KW (3B46) in Hall 3 at the Essen Motor Show.

This year, the KW automotive Group is back at the Essen Motor Show in Hall 3. We’ve made some changes to our brand appearance at the Essen Motor Show, but the overall consumer show appearance will be awesome as always.

Here is a quick recap of the Essen Motor Show 2022 – In 2023, the KW appearance will be even more awesome

From December 2 to 10, 2023, the large exhibition stand (3A47 and 3B46) of our brands BBS and KW will once again be the focal point for our customers at the Essen Motor Show (Germany). The official Preview Day will be held on December 1, 2023.

According to AutoBild Sports cars (No. 12/2023), the BMW M2 from Versus Performance with our KW V4 Clubsport coilover suspension kit is a proverbial “Racetrack Hooligan”

The superfast BMW M2 (G87) from Versus Performance with its new BBS CH-R II Unlimited wheels in 21 x 11 inches and 21 x 11.5 x 21 inches, Michelin tires, and KW V4 Clubsport coilover suspension kit is one of our many show highlights at the BBS booth (3A47).

BBS is stepping up its game with the Unlimited Wheel system. The BBS employees have been busy, and – in addition to the BBS CI-R Unlimited – launched new wheels. The BBS CC-R Unlimited is now available in three one-colored options and two two-colour options: Black dia-cut satin and bronze black satin.

You can find our VW ID. Buzz with its KW V3 coilover suspension and BBS CC-R Unlimited wheels at the Essen Motor Show, directly at the World Wheel Award in Hall 3, Stand 3A19

You can have a more detailed look at the CC-R Unlimited not only at our booth but also on our VW ID. Buzz. You can find our “Buzz” directly at the “World Wheel Award” (Hall 3 Stand 3A19). There, the CC-R Unlimited wheels are mounted in sizes 22 x 9.5 inches and 22 x 11.5 inches.

Speaking of the “World Wheel Award,” we have entered this competition with our new BBS CH-R II Unlimited wheel – and we need your support. As a true BBS fan, you can cast your vote there. With the two-piece BBS CH-R II flow-forming Unlimited wheel, our individual BBS Unlimited program really shines.

In the future, the CH-R II rim stars alone can be ordered in five different colors with two different finishes. The rim beds are also available in two colors and finishes.

Our BBS colleagues use the term “finish” to refer to whether you want to order the BBS CH-R II Unlimited wheels in a polished or satin finish. And since the CH-R II is a two-piece wheel, the outer wheel bolts are also available in two color options. More information at our BBS trade fair booth (3A47).

But at the Essen Motor Show, not everything is about BBS alloy wheels, but also our suspension systems. While we already presented our new Hydraulic Lift System to trade visitors at the SEMA Show 2023, it is now celebrating its premiere at a German car show.

In our hydraulic lift system, the so-called KW HLS Evolution, we now use a much more compact and lighter pump unit. The Kevlar lines with quick-release couplings for the hydraulic system are also new. The HLS Evolution will be available for other vehicles in the future, as well as a variant with four lift cylinders for lifting the vehicle body on both axles.

Another innovative aftermarket suspension kit will be the next generation of KW DDC plug & play coilover suspension kits. We now have a kit that is compatible with all Porsche 911 models of the 991 generation. Before you order the DDC plug & play kit, please check if your 991 was built with electronically adjustable dampers from the factory. Between 25 and 50 millimeters you lower your Porsche 911 (991) manually, and the damper setup is adjusted via the OEM menu in the Porsche cockpit.

The Porsche Cayman 718 GT4 RS showcased at the KW booth is outfitted with a Manthey coilover suspension. This four-way adjustable suspension system is built upon our Solid Piston technology, a feature shared with the KW V5 Clubsport, V5 Racing, and V6 Racing coilover suspension kits.

For a long time, our successful Solid Piston technology from GT3 motorsport applications has been incorporated into our Street Performance coilover category. We use the solid piston design in both our KW V5 coilovers and KW V5 dampers.

A recent addition to the KW V5 lineup is our coilover kit for the Lotus Emira. Alongside the KW V5, we have equipped BBS CI-R Unlimited wheels fitted with Michelin tires.

To all of you wondering whether we will exhibit the Porsche 911 GT3 R of the 2024 DTM champion Thomas Preining, we have to disappoint you. The DTM winning car will be shown at the ADAC DTM Motorsports booth at the Essen Motor Show.

As a showcase for our latest motorsport commitment, we highlight our collaboration with another car manufacturer on a current sports car project for endurance racing. More details will be revealed at the Essen Motor Show.

Motorsport fans should not miss the “KW Sportpokal” award ceremony on the first Sunday of the show.

The mentioned suspension kits are only a small part of our latest product highlights at the Essen Motor Show. Our suspension brands ap Sportfahrwerke (Hall 3 Booth 3B37) and ST suspensions (Hall 3 Booth 3B41) will also showcase their latest developments.

At ap Sportfahrwerke, we present a VW Golf 1 in a Group-H Motorsport body kit and a modified 2.0-liter 16V engine with a roll cage. This demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality German-made coilover suspension kits for a wide range of common vehicles in Europe, all at an attractive price-performance ratio.

At the Essen Motor Show, ap Sportfahrwerke is proud to unveil our latest developments, including those for the Audi A3 (GY), Audi A1 Sportback (GB), Seat Ibiza (KJ), Skoda Scala (NW), and others, which will be released shortly.

The ap coilover suspension kits are adjustable in ground clearance and feature a pre-adjusted fixed damper setting. Learn more about the creation of ap Sportfahrwerke coilover kits on our blog.

Those who follow the social media channels of our brand ambassador, Steve “Baggsy” Biagioni, and ST suspensions, are aware that Baggsy and his team are currently in the process of building a new drift car. The car will also be unveiled in Essen.

But it gets even better; we plan to launch a customized limited-edition ST XTA plus 3 coilover suspension kits for the Toyota GT86 in collaboration with Baggsy. The exact number of units is not yet fixed, but you might want to stop by the ST booth in Hall 3 (3B41) at the Essen Motor Show.

Our sim racing brands Ascher Racing, Track Time, and Race Room will also play a significant role in Essen. Notably, our KW colleague Tim Heinemann made it to the DTM through sim racing.

Visitors are in for an exhilarating experience as they can catch the thrilling finale of the virtual DTM Amateur Championship at the state-of-the-art ADAC simulator park in Hall 3. Alternatively, they can dive into the excitement by joining the kickoff event of the DTM Esports Pro Championship.

During the Essen Motor Show, SimRacing enthusiasts can experience the thrill of driving the virtual “DTM race cars” from the 2023 season at the ADAC and DTM Motorsport Area. Soon, these cars will also be available as DLC for RaceRoom Racing Experience. The top twelve “SimRacing daily winners” will earn a coveted spot in one of the four live-commentated virtual DTM races in Essen. Get ready for an immersive racing experience!

Suppose you are looking for the latest sim racing hardware. In that case, you will also find our TrackTime prototype of a relatively affordable “motion simulator” as well as the new Sabelt SimRacing steering wheel and the McLaren Esports steering wheels from Ascher Racing in Hall 3 (Stand 3C43).

Our colleagues from the HR department have set up their tents at our sim racing booth (stand 3C43). If you aspire to work for one of the industry’s coolest companies, talk to us directly at the Essen Motor Show!

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