ST height adjustable springs and ST Coilovers for VW Golf Mk8

Since years, the VW Golf defines the benchmark in the compact class. The new VW Golf Mk8 (CD) will again set standards in this segment. Besides the ST X coilover suspension, ST suspensions also offers the ST XA coilover suspension with adjustable rebound damping for the new Golf.

Both coilover suspension kits guarantee a maximum lowering of 60 millimeters. The part report covers an infinitely variable adjustment range from 35 to 60 millimeters on both axles. Installing an ST coilover suspension provides much more than maximum lowering.

For a small additional charge, the mainsprings of the ST X and ST XA coilover suspension kits can be ordered in different color coatings. There is a choice of 18 colors. The desired color can be ordered conveniently in the ST online shop or directly from a specialist dealer. It is also possible to apply to individual lettering.

By using KW damper technology, the handling of the new VW Golf Mk8 is also improved with the ST coilover suspension kits, and despite the maximum lowering, the handling in the Golf is convincing with a surprisingly high level of residual comfort.

With the ST suspensions coilover suspensions, the suspension manufacturer KW automotive makes a compromise in the spring rates and damper tuning to maintain the rolling and driving comfort. Even with a maximum payload, the Volkswagen continues to drive in sporty comfort.

The difference between the ST X and the ST XA coilover suspension is that the XA uses a two-stage rebound valve which allows fine-tuning of the rebound characteristics in the low-speed range of the piston rod movements.

This makes it possible to adjust the suspension tuning firmer or, if desired, more comfortable. There is a total of 16 click stages to choose from. An adjustable rebound damping is also known as the so-called hardness adjustment. Adjusting the low-speed rebound stage keeps the high-speed valve unaffected in the rebound stage; to continue to support the bodywork.

With both ST coilovers the handling becomes more direct. During fast load changes, the body does not bounce as much as before, the tire grip is increased and a VW Golf Mk8 equipped with an ST coilover suspension provides even more driving safety.

The ST coil springs (height adjustable springs) are an alternative if the focus is on a purely optical lowering in the VW Golf Mk8 (CD). These springs, which are adjustable for a stepless lowering, allow a lowering of up to 50 millimeters on the drive axle and up to 45 millimeters on the rear axle.

The ST height-adjustable springs can also be ordered in 18 different colors, for example, through the ST Customization Program. With their adjustable spring perches, these height-adjustable springs are mounted on the standard dampers and thus enable a continuously adjustable lowering range. Perfect for VW Golf 8 models that have adaptive shocks.

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