Devil in a Red Dress. BBI’s ’85 911 Stops SEMA

BBI Autosport are no ordinary tuner. Take a visit to the California shop and you’ll see some of the finest engineering and incredible attention to detail. That’s why KW are proud to have BBI Autosport as part of our worldwide dealer network and if you came by the KW Automotive booth at SEMA 2014 you will have seen one of the stars of the show, Joey from BBI’s 1985 Carrera.


When it comes to Porsche tuning, there’s not much shop owners Joey and Betim don’t know or haven’t experimented with before. With Porsche Motorsport experience and some of the most skilled technicians in the US when it comes to building their own cars, you know it’s going to be special.

The ’85 Carrera you see here is no exception. Starting life as Joey’s long suffering daily driver, he has re-imagined it as his ideal 911.


The car is finished in the iconic Porsche Guards red, but don’t let the subtle exterior fool you into thinking it is got a standard body.

With a spec list to raise a brow of even the most hardened Porsche enthusiast, Joey has cherry picked the finest parts from some of the greatest Porsche racing endeavours over the years and the result is stunning. A 1973 Carrera RS fuel tank, 1976 930 Turbo deck lid, RUF CTR Yellowbird front bumper, DP motorsport composite tail lights are just some of the jewels in the crown.


And that is only the tip of the ice burg. The team BBI are renowned for their custom engine work and the motor in this car has a sprinkling of BBI magic too. A 3.6 cup engine sits in the rear, and delivers over 300WHP via the matched gear set in the 915 gearbox. Everything on this car is lightweight, composite panels adorn the body and even the engine components have been remanufactured by BBI for weight losses!


For the rolling stock, Joey has opted for the iconic fifteen52 x Magnus Walker ’52 Outlaw’ wheel. A take on the classic Porsche Fuchs wheel, finished in gold and matt black they fill out the hand flared fenders perfectly.


With such a high specification engine and body, Joey had to choose wisely with the suspension. At each of the four corners sits a bespoke KW Competition damper, with specific KW springs. These enable Joey to tune the ride and handling of the car precisely to his requirements and help control the huge hike in speed and power on the street or on track.


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