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The Essen Motor Show is one of the most important public exhibitions for the suspension manufacturer KW automotive. KW is part of it already since 1995, and presented in 1995 as the world’s first suspension manufacturer, coilover kits with street legal.

“We have always used the Essen Motor Show to present our latest suspension innovations”, said KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker.


“For the KW coilover suspension Variant 1, or the KW coilover suspension Variant 3 which is independently adjustable in compression and rebound damping, our stainless steel technology KW inox-line, the adaptive DDC suspension kits, Clubsport coilovers or to present our ongoing developments of KW suspensions. Our current suspensions with their high-performance components and dampers directly made at our headquarter, are not comparable to suspension kits of the past and today they are the technology benchmark in the aftermarket.”


Partner for the global sports car industry!


KW also substantiates its technology advantage by its large commitment as development service provider and suspension supplier for the automotive industry. For example, the BMW M235i Racing Cup is directly equipped from factory with the KW Competition racing suspension that is internationally successful in motorsport.

KW Coilovers Variant 3 for Mercedes-AMG C63 and VW Beetle Convertible


The KW coilover kit Variant 3 gives the Mercedes-AMG C63 the optimum balance of everyday practicality, driving dynamics and individual adjustment possibilities for more comfort or more sportiness. “With the dampers that are independently adjustable in compression and rebound, AMG drivers no more have to accept a compromise,” said KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker.


The Variant 3 allows to perfectly set the C63 to the personal way of driving. No matter if the AMG is constantly driven at its limits of driving dynamics or used as a sporty traveling sedan.


“Those who install a KW Variant 3 in their AMG, will benefit from our experience with the equipment of various AMG Black Series models.” In addition, the coilover suspension allows an optional lowering of 35 mm at the Mercedes-AMG C63 that is already lowered in series.


In Essen, also the KW Variant 3 for the VW Beetle convertible is presented.

KW HLS and Variant 3 in Sidney Hoffmann´s „Champion of Liberty“


The Porsche 997 turbo that is presented at the booth is an absolute crowd puller with its eye-catching Liberty Walk widebody kit. The coilover suspension Variant 3 that is installed in the Porsche was extended by Sidney Hoffmann with a KW HLS 2 lift kit. So the TV host of the German show “Die PS-Profis” and Managing Director of the tuning company Sidney Industries gets the opportunity to increase the ground clearance of his Porsche by 45 mm by the push of a button. The hydraulic lift kit is mainly used in super sports cars to increase their everyday usability. This helps to safely drive over obstacles such as steep underground car parks or speed bumper, without to damage the aerodynamic and vehicle underbody.

But at the KW Booth the visitors also got the chance to met international VIP of the global KW family. Special Guests like Rauh Welt Begriff Porsche Artist Akira Nakai or Mr. Liberty Walk Performance himself Wataru Kato visited KW and did an autograph session. Sidney Hoffmann showcased the world first Volkswagen GTI with a Rocket Bunny Bodykit.

KW DDC – the suspension trend 2016!


As a pioneer in the development and production of adaptive coilovers, KW as market leader offers the renowned KW DDC damper technology for more and more cars. Here, the advantages of a KW coilover suspension is combined with an adaptive damper control.


The adaptive KW DDC Plug&Play coilovers are also available for an increasing number of cars with electronic serial dampers. Their compatibility allows to continue to use the series button to adjust a more comfortable or more sporty damping. It is also possible adjusting the damper forces via our KW DDC App if you equipped your car with our famous KW DDC ECU suspension!

ST suspensions AZX and DZX wheel spacers


KW will also show the new ST AZX wheel spacers for the first time at the Essen Motor Show. This is an innovative wheel spacer system that is suitable for wheel hubs with studs or wheel bolts. In combination with the patented ST adapter rings, the ST AZX wheel spacers fit countless types of cars. Just like with the revolutionary ST DZX wheel spacer system, thousands of wheel spacer sets are replaced by only 27 sets of wheel spacers with different ST adapter rings.


We are able to offer wheel spacers for each car in 2,5-mm-steps from 5 – 25 mm per wheel and in 5-mm-steps from 25 – 35 mm per wheel – no matter if studs or wheel bolts.

ST XTA Coilovers for the new Ford Mustang


Suspension components of the KW brand “ST suspensions” are positioned in the middle price segment and have achieved a very high market penetration since the beginning of the worldwide distribution in 2014.


In Essen, ST will show the XTA coilover kit with adjustable top mounts and dampers for the new Mustang. In addition, the ST XTA coilovers manufactured by KW allow a maximum lowering of 50 mm.

LamboStyleDoors now available for the new Ford Mustang


Within a few months, the new Mustang has become the best-selling sports car from Ford. At the Essen Motor Show, KW will present the first Mustang VI (type LAE) with LamboStyleDoors. During installation, the series hinges are simply replaced by the LSD-hinges and on request, the Mustang doors open like a Lamborghini steeply upwards.



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