Dealer Spotlight: Switch Suspension

Switch Suspension, located in Mesa, Arizona, has been building custom cars and trucks since 2012. The Phoenix scene is pretty big, with lots of competition in the custom car shop market, but what helps Switch stand out is their amazing customer service, deep industry knowledge, and in-stock products so builders can come in off the street and get what they need the same day.

From the very start of Switch Suspension, Belltech was a part of the picture. Our products have been popular for decades, and have become a mainstay in the custom truck market. As a result, not only does Switch carry our products, Switch uses them on their own rides — but more on that later.

For now, let’s talk about a recent project the crew at Switch took on. In this case, it was a 2022 Silverado that needed a 4/6 drop with a c-notch.

These 2019+ GM full sizes are fairly popular in Arizona, and the guys at Switch even have one for a shop truck. For this particular build, the owner wanted to drop his truck with the traditional 4/6 kit, plus get some extra load support in the back end. James, one of the installers at Switch, took the task on and did an excellent job, per usual. Read more about their take on the install.

The front-end install is straightforward with drop spindles & adjustable struts. The rear gets a little more challenging. A standard axle flip kit takes care of the drop and a c-notch gives the clearance. The frames on these trucks are fully boxed, as opposed to previous generations where it was only a c-channel. This means the notch needs to be nice and sturdy so there isn’t a failure in the future. Our team has put some miles on our 2019 long-bed shop truck, and it has a Belltech c-notch as well. We’ve put that thing through its paces, and never had a single complaint about the frame no matter how much we’ve piled in the bed. In fact, it’s doing very well. As a result, we have full confidence when installing a Belltech c-notch onto a customer’s truck.

Now one thing that makes this truck different from the others is that the customer wanted to make sure that when they had a bed full of stuff, the truck wouldn’t bottom out. The solution was one we implemented in our own shop truck, which is an airbag kit that we make specifically for the Belltech notch.

This is a bolt-in helper bag setup for a bolt-in notch, so it required a lot of engineering on their part to figure out what worked and what didn’t. But we used our own truck to test everything out and believe us, the amount of stuff we tossed in that bed made sure the bags got a workout. After a few tweaks here and there, we knew we had a great product on our hands. And it was only possible thanks to the quality materials we were working with, and that all starts with the Belltech notch.

Today, the team has a lot of experience working on these trucks, so this particular installation was a breeze. The owner drove it in first thing in the morning and took it home later that day.

That kind of ease of installation is just one of the reasons why the Switch team is so loyal to Belltech and its products. The founder of Switch Suspension, Seth McAtee, has built custom vehicles of his own for years, as have the rest of the crew. Everyone in the shop has some kind of experience using Belltech products on their own rides, and they’re all positive.

Another key reason why Switch Suspension carries Belltech stuff is name recognition. It’s one of the brands that customers ask for because they know of its high quality and excellent fitment. There’s a knowledge of the company that even casual car builders know so well that puts Belltech at the forefront when it comes time to make a purchase for their next product. And with the rise of the 1988-1998 OBS trucks recently, a lot of builders want to use products that originated in the 1990s for that authentic feel.”

As far as the future holds, Seth and the team see a lot more Belltech installs in the future. A huge thank you to Switch and our partnership over the years. After all, it’s been a pretty steady stream for the past 11 years. What’s going to stop that now?

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