40th Anniversary of Belltech – always ahead

This 1991 Chevrolet C1500 is chosen as featured Belltech Icon on our calendar

If you follow our blog, you already know that our colleagues at KW automotive North America in Fresno, California, have been celebrating the big Belltech anniversary throughout 2023.

Since 2005, Belltech has been an integral part of the KW automotive group, alongside ST suspensions. While ST coilover kits are manufactured at KW’s headquarters in Fichtenberg (Germany), Belltech suspension components are produced in California and are sold exclusively to the North American market.

For numerous light trucks and pickup trucks, Belltech offers a variety of suspension products, ranging from lowering and off-road shock absorbers, “lowering spindle kits” to lifting and leveling kits.

Belltech was looking for pickup trucks equipped with Belltech components throughout the year to be featured on a limited edition calendar as a “Belltech Icon.” Greg Nettles is one of the winners

For more and more modern trucks, we are now developing reinforced performance-adjustable shock absorbers for off-road and road use for American off-road vehicles and pickup trucks at the KW automotive group with our motorsport off-road suspension brand Reiger Suspension.

Since 1983, a small company in Fresno, California, had ideas on how to build the best-performing lowering suspension. Belltech’s drop spindle was launched and helped fuel America’s Sport Truck craze.

In Part 2 of our anniversary series, we dive into Belltech being brought into the KW automotive family and incorporating KW technology into our products. We reflect on our iconic 30th-anniversary celebration and our manufacturing process and capabilities. We also sit down with Cameron Bishop of Cuttingedge Hotrods to talk about his custom build.

In the final installment of our anniversary series we talk about the inception of Belltech Off Road and we highlight the capabilities and dedication of our R&D team. We also throw it back to the iconic Tribute Truck with California Speed Custom and the emerging resurgence of older generation builds, and the push to celebrate our roots with our Belltech 40th anniversary Icon Contest.

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