Best of Chris Forsberg – Interview from April 2014


As a KW suspensions team driver, Chris Forsberg and his Monster Nissan 370z just seems fitting smoking its tires around corners as it drifts at speeds of excess of 100+ mph. However, Chris being a veteran in the sport has seen the sport evolve from a humble grassroots beginning in Pennsylvania to Formula Drift in the streets of Long Beach.


As Formula Drift Atlanta was about to get underway, we caught up with Chris and chat about this upcoming seasons goals and a hopeful championship finish; lets not jinx it. “I have enjoyed drifting for almost 15 years now. It is the biggest passion in my life and I intend to do it as long as possible.” – Chris Forsberg


KW: So Chris, tell me during your years on the show circuit what have you gained? Learned? Have a trialed and proven platform what can you excel more than the competition?

Chris Forsberg: It is hard to sum up what we have learned in a few short sentences. Primarily we have learned how to continue to find grip in these cars. The builds are more and more intricate each year and the adjustability with them is incredible. I have also learned how to focus and do what I have to do, when I have to. Having the proper focus as a driver is everything, as well as the crew, to be able to handle situations as they come up in a race weekend.


KW: What are you looking forward to the 2014 Formula Drift opening season at Long Beach?

Chris Forsberg: I am looking forward to taking our car out on the track and pushing for the podium. It is a very technical course and I feel that we are very prepared for this event with the best car that we have ever built.

KW: For the 2014 Formula Drift season, What changes have you made? (I.e Car changes, Engine platform, Sponsorships) etc.

Chris Forsberg: For 2014, the biggest change we made was the addition of nitrous oxide to our car. It really gives us the extra midrange that we needed to stay close and competitive against the high horsepowered competition.


KW: Whoa. Nitrous on a drift car that’s a first. Tell us about your ride?

Chris Forsberg: My Formula Drift car is a 2014 Nissan 370Z with a Titan 5.6L V8 engine. The engine is extensively modified to handle nitrous, rev to 9,000 rpm, and makes around 1000hp. The engine is attached to a 4speed dog box, through a carbon fiber driveshaft into a Winter’s quickchange rear end. The chassis is stripped and caged for rigidity and the body is replaced with Seibon Carbon fiber panels. The chassis is also adjustable on so many levels to get the perfect combination of driveability and grip through adjustable sway bars, custom control arms, and KW Variant 3 coilovers.


KW: As decorated as you are Chris winning multiple championships and triple crowns, what accomplishments would you like to achieve this season over the last year?

Chris Forsberg: My goal for this season, just like every other season, is to win the championship.

KW: How will you overcome these challenges?

Chris Forsberg: We will push hard to get on the podium, I feel that we have an excellent chance to achieve these goals as we have an incredible car and team this season.


KW: Who do you think will be a formidable opponent for you this year?

Chris Forsberg: It is hard to pick one said driver as my opponent. In order to win a championship, you must defeat all the drivers, which is easier said than done.

KW: Tell us about the KW Suspension products you have on the ride? The feel, the handling ? And how does to compare to the rest of the competition?

KW Suspension has an incredible range of adaptability which allows us to dial in our car for each track. Most other brands do not have the shock adjustment that the competition KW Suspension 3 way have.


Photo credit: Larry Chen & Formula Drift press

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