Mission Impossible? Super-low stance for new Audi RS6!


One car to rule them all? The latest Audi RS6 Avant combines all the practicality you could possibly want with supercar levels of performance thanks to a 560bhp twin-turbo V8 powering all four wheels! It truly is a force to be reckoned with.



For those who want to lower their C7 RS6 KW already has the answer – our height-adjustable spring kit pictured above. Using the stock damper (for RS6 models without air suspension) the KW coilover spring kit allows a lowering of between 5-35mm on the front axle and 5-40mm on the rear axle when fitted. Perfect for improving the overall stance and driving dynamics without the need for a full coilover kit.


You can find out more information on this quick and affordable solution by visiting the following link (KW offer coilover spring kits for a wide range of models).


But for those who want to go SERIOUSLY low, there is another option available for your RS6. Although not available to the public right now, this new suspension innovation has been developed as a prototype for tuners Gepfeffert.com and as you can see it transforms the RS6 stance!


For Gepfeffert.com we combined an adaptive KW DDC ECU coilover with a KW Hydraulic Lift System giving the RS6 a ground-hugging ride height which can be raised at the touch of a button for clearing obstacles. What’s more, the DDC technology allows damping to be adjusted depending on the type of driving necessary.


By pressing a button, the body lifts thanks to the hydraulic cylinders of the KW HLS by up to 30mm without compromising performance. In addition, the adaptive damper of the KW DDC coilover kit ECU via smartphone allow to set your own damper settings!


So whether you’re looking to lower your RS6 by a little or a lot, KW suspensions is proud to boast the technology and expertise to suit your driving needs!

Photo credit: handsome., KW

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