Mustang like a Boss! “Boss 302” by Mike Heintz


Ford Mustang (GT models), 5.0 liters of engine displacement, V8, 412 hp, hidden under a long hood and when you compare to cars from Germany you get a V8 Mustang for the price of a half equipped VW Golf GTI. What more could one want? The original Mustang from the Sixties! But not nowadays. Since the policy of low interest rates classical cars are really expensive. Hipsters and car collectors stealing all the cool cars from us petrol heads and the prices are high as the moon. No fun at all. What can you do? Move to America and buying a second hand modern Mustang. Or live like Michael “Mike” Heintz in the paradise of cars. USA. Ok, here in Germany we have the famous Autobahn, but our friends in the USA have cheap gas prices, cheap car prices and awesome dessert roads!


Mike’s base car isn’t a base car at all. It is a Ford Mustang “BOSS 302″ from 2013. 444 V8 horsepower out 5.0 litre engine displacement. In the past Mike was a big fan of turbos and superchargers. This time Mike did it the old school way. The naturally aspirated engine gets a set of new Ford Racing Cobra Jet camshafts, intake manifold, throttle body housing and rear wheels”, smiles Mike. “It is not too much and not too little.” The perfect power for Trackdays and daily driving fun.


Mike built his Mustang for trackdays and the daily cruising. With Mike behind the steering wheel the Ford has a weight of 1678 kg (3777 lp.ap.) and the Mustang fan is using a 2-way KW Clubsport for his ride. He also changed all links, swaybars and more against with hardware from Maximum Motorsports. Our Clubsport coilover kit, with independently adjustable rebound and compression forces differs in some details from our KW Variant 3 coilovers for the Ford Mustang.

Both coilovers have got fully adjustable dampers but each has different spring rates, shock forces and the damper design. We should also not forget the KW Clubsports come equipped with our solid uni-ball aluminium top mounts. The focus of our Clubsport kits is the driving with semi slick tires on racetracks. In the YouTube video above Conrad Grundwald is testing Mikes Mustang at the “Streets of Willow” race track.


Under the fenders Chicane rims from True Forged Wheels in 18 x 10″ with Toyo Proxes R888 in 295/30 are mounted. The big wing is made by Kognition Racing.


Finished is the trackday build of the “BOSS 302” with a Built2Apex bodykit. But enough words here we have another YouTube-Video of Mikes awesome car:

His car was already featured at “THESMOKINGTIRE” and for all V8 fans of you, please pumps up your volume and enjoy the sound especially when the Mustang is cruising through the tunnel!

Photos / Video Mike Heintz, thesmokingtire

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