Pure driving pleasure: Jaguar F-Type with height adjustable KW spring kit


Whether as convertible or coupé, with its classic design, the current Jaguar F-Type (QQ6) awakens memories of the legendary Jaguar E-Type. No matter if F-Type, F-Type S or F-Type R, for all three engines, we developed a height-adjustable spring kit.


Compared to conventional springs, the height-adjustable KW spring kit enables a continuous lowering, just like a coilover kit. While the lowering springs only allow a lowering of about 10, 20 or 30 mm, our KW coilover springs can be set continuously in the level of lowering. This would not be possible with regular springs.


So it is easy to choose a customized lowering during installation or to perfectly adapt the level of lowering to the wheels after changing the wheel / tire combination. With our height-adjustable springs, a desired lowering between 5 – 25 mm at the front and 10 – 30 mm at the rear axle can be selected for the F-Type.


The KW dust protection elements and KW bump stops that are part of the delivery content, are always adjusted to the maximum lowering. So with the height adjustable KW springs, a sporty harmonious driving behavior can be realized without that the driving dynamics suffers, even for the 550 hp F-Type R.


During installation tests with conventional springs and a more generous lowering, we found out that hardly any suspension reserves were available due to the short suspension travel. Further information about our also called thread springs you’ll find at our website.

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