Suspension tuning for McLaren 600LT: Approved driving pleasure

The McLaren 600LT is one of the most agitating and sporty vehicles available ex-factory. Consistently lightweight construction with a carbon monocoque, carbon fiber seats, weight-optimized wheel suspension, and a compact 600 hp 3.8-liter BiTurbo engine are just some of the features that guarantee the McLaren 600LT far more than just a place of honor in the league of super sports cars.

Making a perfect super sports car even better is a great challenge. As with other McLaren models for the road, we now offer our height adjustable spring set for the 600 longtail as well.

Even the standard lift kit for lifting the vehicle’s body, when the parking garage ramps are too steep, remains functional after the installation of the KW coil springs (height adjustable springs). The KW threaded sleeves mounted on the McLaren struts allow for a continuous adjustment of the lowering on both axles.

With the possibility of freely adjusting the lowering, the drivers of the super sports car gain the opportunity to perfect the visual effect when changing the standard wheel-tire combination against accessory rims. The tested adjustment range is between 5 and 15 millimeters.

In combination with the adaptive stock dampers, handling is improved even further. Whether in slow corners or fast corners, the McLaren 600LT provides even more direct handling with the KW set, without harming the ride comfort due to the shorter spring travel.

The height-adjustable spring set can be installed within a few working units with all the necessary accessories. For all technical details, installation partners in your region, pricing and delivery time please visit

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