Vivid Racing Porsche 991 Turbo meets KW HLS and height adjustable springs!


There are many exotic cars that come with a front end lift system from the factory nowadays.  Cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and even the Porsche GT3 have optional lift systems available.  Purely because these cars are low to the ground for improved aerodynamics and not everyone in the world has buttery smooth roads. Lets face it, these cars look awesome lowered and handle much better with performance suspension – it’s the corner speed, Dude!.  But how can you get the best of both worlds for your required situation?  KW HLS is the answer.


The KW HLS 2 is the front lift system only.  We also has the HLS 4 which can raise all 4 corners.  The HLS 2 that we were installing for the Porsche 991 Turbo was perfect for Vivid Racing needs.


This system works with the factory shocks, the PASM system is still able to be retained.


The kit features new adjustable coil springs for the rear shocks and the front features a coilover with pnuematic insert to work with the factory shock.


Because of the spring set up and pneumatic spacer on the front, it can only be lowered a certain amount for standard driving.  So for those thinking this is like airride suspension, its not.


It has a functional purpose to lift your vehicles front end 0-40mm even while you are driving up to 50mph.  Once the button is pressed for either lowering or raising, the process is only about 4-5 seconds.

Vivid Racing chose to mount our activation button in the center console coin holder.


Since this system works with the factory shocks, the PASM system is still able to be retainedTherefore you get the benefit of being able to switch that on or off for a firmer ride and have the functionality of clearance for daily driving needs to protect that front end from scrapes.



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