10 reasons for Worthersee – the biggest VW Event worldwide


Since 1982, VW Golf GTI aka VW Rabbit fans traveled to the famous Worthersee in Austria to experience the greatest worldwide Volkswagen event born. Here are 10 reasons why you should experience Austria in May or June. Nowadays you don’t even need to drive a Volkswagen, but maybe a Opel or Vauxhall isn’t the right car for the GTI festival…


1. The cars


Worthersee is all about cars, for sure. It doesn’t matter if you’re into Golf mk1’s or your heart beats faster when seeing a Porsche, BMW, or a Mercedes-Benz!

At the Worthersee you also get the sense of the latest hottest wheel designs.

There’s something for everybody. Worthersee is also the deadline for many new projects which is one of the many reasons that makes the event so special.


2. The scenery


Austria is probably one of the most beautiful lands of Europe due to the many mountain roads and blue/greenish lakes as the Worthersee.


The pictures speak a 1000 words and cruising around in this scenery is just amazing.

3. The food


Just as any other country, Austria has his typical food and recepies. You must absolutely try the ‘grillteller’ and schnitzels if you’re into meat dishes. Don’t forget to try those sweet desserts too. If you’re not into trying new foods there is also the option to order a delicious pizza.

4. Lodging


It doesn’t matter how much money you want to spend on a night, you can take a €10 camping or spend €2400 suite in the fancy hotel in Velden. You can also just rent an appartment or a vacation house with some friends and have a great time for sure!

5. “Turbokurve” (TURBO CORNER)

It’s not Worthersee without the famous turbokurve with the Faak am See parking.


Want to see all those crazy turbo engine and engine swaps at work? Then this is your place to be!


6. Mischkulnig gas station

This is probably the most famous gas station in the world. There’s no other gas station with a webcam that’s being viewed over the whole world. There’s always a big croud at the Eni station (used to be Shell).


If you’re there in the morning you’ll find a big line waiting to  wash their cars at the self-carwash, in the afternoon there’s the show & shine part. During the afternoon and evening you can grab some food and drinks to watch the passing cars together with hundreds of car enthusiasts.

7. Cocktails


Velden am Worthersee has many pubs and cocktail bars, be sure to check them out and grab some drinks! Don’t forget to go by foot (or take a taxi) as there is a 0,5% alcohol tollerance.

8. The roadtrip


This is also part of Worthersee, the long trip to Austria. Cruising through Germany on the Autobahn where on some places there is no speedlimit, is a dream for many car enthusiast. The time you gain there you’ll probably lose again at the many roadworks in Germany,


but it is all part of the game and makes the trip all worth it when you finally arrive in Velden.

9. The weather

Some weather forecasts areound the world are pretty grey; however in Worthersee the weather is mostly dry and sunny.


Sometimes it’s so hot you need apply sunblock lotion to protect yourself or need to find yourself a spot in the shade. Fortunately there are anough ways to get some refreshment.

10. Atmosphere


Point 10 probably is the best reason to go to Worthersee, because there is nowhere in the world will you find the type of atmosphere this event brings to you.


Everywhere you drive you see people with cars that share the same passion as you do.


The sphere is so chill and pleasant that everybody has the feelibg they are on holiday.

Photos Eurotuner Europe, KW, ST suspensions, Google Maps

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