KW Hydraulic Lift System – Increased clearance at the push of a button!


There’s no denying that lowered vehicles look much better than the stock height, but with this comes a serious problem – reduced ground clearance for everyday obstacles including speedbumps, pot holes and kerbs. It doesn’t matter how good your car looks, if it’s excessively lowered and can’t be driven most places, then it definitely isn’t fun anymore!


How do you get round this issue? Well you could use a serious of wooden planks like the Nissan S13 pictured above… but this isn’t exactly practical. Where would they fit in the car?!


A little better is the option above – some sand bags of compost! Maybe that will help get over everyday obstacles…


Yes it will get you out of trouble, but it’s far from a practical solution to the problem. So rather than admit defeat and stick to stock ride heights, KW suspensions have developed the perfect solution – our infamous HLS coilover (Hydraulic Lift System).


The HLS is a hydraulic cylinder which is installed between the coilover spring and the spring plate. Once fitted, HLS allows you to lift your super-low vehicle by upto 45mm to safely negotiate obstacles including speedbumps, crossings and entering underground car parks. Alternatively, the HLS can be used in reverse allowing you to maintain a safe driving height before lowering down for ‘show’ use!

HLS is suitable for a wide range of cars and comes in multiple variants depending on your needs. For instance, if it’s only the front bumper catching when lowered we recommend the HLS 2 system which lifts just the front axle.

lowhls_004 lowhls_009

If, like the TT owner above, your problem is a bit more serious then the HLS 4 system is your friend! With this version fitted every axle of your car can be raised 45mm at the push of a button.


Want HLS but already have KW coilovers? We’ve got you covered. In addition to HLS2 and HLS4, we also offer this technology as a retro-fit version for your current suspension. Please check if your coilover is applicable before ordering.


HLS can even be activated by remote control! It doesn’t matter what HLS system you choose, your car can be raised or lowered even when driving so there’s no need to stop ahead of any obstacles to activate it. Once you exceed 80km/h after overcoming an obstacle, the hydraulic cylinder returns to the lowered level as you can see below.

IMG_8262 IMG_8263

KW suspension is always build with performance in mind, and with HLS this system means that no additional suspension occurs when raised (as there is no compression in the extended cylinder unit) unlike other systems which use air bellows. Maximum performance all of the time!

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