Adaptive KW DDC ECU for Posaidon G RS 850 – the 850 hp G-Wagon!

With a real edge and knowing every trick in the book of four-by-four the Mercedes G Class is since decades the real “German Gelaendewagen” (cross-country vehicle) – all other modern off-road vehicles made in Germany are “only” SUV. The German tuner and Mercedes specialist Posaidon is building the perfect G.

Heart of the Posaidon Tuning are the engine modifications. With 571 hp and 760 Nm from its M157 bi-turbo V8 engine the standard G63 AMG on which Posaidon base their G RS 850 conversion is certainly no wimp. The modifications of uprated intake and intercooling system, in-house upgraded turbochargers and stainless steel sport exhaust system with sound damper control and free-flow sport catalytic converters realise a power increase to 850 hp. Torque and top speed are electronically limited to 1,350 Nm and 285 km/h.

Optimisation with all the new hardware is carried out with bespoke remapping of the ECU protocols, and the AMG Speedshift Plus 7G-Tronic gearbox also receives uprated internals as well as a software remap to perfectly match the more powerful motor.

Such a significant power increase requires a commensurate improvement in chassis performance, and Posaidon equips the G-chassis with an adaptive KW DDC ECU suspension. Pure driving pleasure and comfort by the push of a button – the DDC is the kit every G Wagon driver desire.

The KW DDC ECU kit not only allows to adjust the damping characteristic to the road conditions with the modes “Comfort”, “Sport” and “Sport+” by the push of a button, but it can also be configured intuitively with the free KW DDC App via iPhone or any other iOS or Android compatible Smartphone.

Independent of front and rear axle, the driver can adjust the characteristics of the dampers within the KW – safety requirements for his G Class. The continuous damper adjustment allows, either from the maximum “Comfort”-setup with a very soft damping (displayed in the App with 0%) up to Sport+ damper setup (displayed in the App with 100%), to adjust the KW DDC ECU dampers independent of front and rear axle individually. The secured WiFi communication between KW DDC control unit and iPhone occurs via an optional available W-LAN module. Up to five own setups can be stored with the KW DDC App and afterwards shared with friends via e-mail.

The mechanical grip of the KW DDC ECU suspension is enhanced with the fitment of 10.5×22-inch alloy wheels shod with 285/40R22 high performance tyres. These black Y-spoke wheels present a contrast to the luminous AMG Solarbeam paintwork and the big gold painted brake callipers behind them. The S63 AMG high performance brake system adapted for life on the G RS 850 uses six-pot callipers clamping 420 mm carbon-ceramic discs in front, and 360 mm ceramic discs with four-pot callipers at the rear.

The special factory leather interior of this “Crazy Colour” special edition G features contrasting yellow seams and carbon-fibre trim.

On our Website you’ll find all information about our KW DDC ECU kit for the Mercedes G Class. For further information about the prices of the Posaidon G RS 850 please get in touch with Posaidon

Photos Posaidon, KW

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