Caution, FAST: BBi VMAX GT2 RS Porsche

It’s quite a tough challenge to perfect a flawless sports car like the Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

BBi Autosport from the USA also took motorsports developments as a paragon for their Porsche 911 GT2 RS project. But the Americans from BBi Autosport made it a little more American. They were looking for more boost first and they found it…

Powerplay – the Porsche is not called by chance “BBi VMAX GT2 RS”

The “BBi VMAX GT2 RS Porsche”, which recently impressed at the charity event, Sun Valley Tour de Force, a sports car meeting in Idaho, produces well over 700 hp.

The 3.8-liter Biturbo six-cylinder boxer engine gets more power from two larger Borg Warner VTG turbos.

BBi redesigned the superchargers with new 7+7 gas turbine wheels and nine blades on the exhaust side.

Like the turbocharger kit, the new intercoolers are a plug-and-play kit. Due to their structure and design, the heat exchangers are supposed to be even lighter than the series components.

In addition to new intercoolers, which BBi developed together with C&R Racing, the technicians of the Los Angeles-based tuner installed an optimized intake manifold system from IPD Components.

BBi expects the new intake manifold, in combination with the new turbos, to provide a more linear power delivery and a wider rev band. The intercooler injection was also equipped with a second, larger additional tank for water injection, which BBi also switched to a water-methanol injection.

The assembled exhaust system was developed in cooperation with Pankl Racing Systems from Austria and some components were manufactured adaptively; that means 3D-printed. The modifications to the exhaust system, turbos and the like are all controlled by engine software from COBB Tuning Accessport.

At a boost pressure of 23 psi (1.58 bar), the tuned BiTurbo flat-six puts 890 hp into the powertrain and is currently among the fastest 991 in the USA.

But of course, the Americans also considered the topic of driving dynamics in their BBi VMAX GT2 RS. The special feature of the coilover suspension is the KW technology used with its solid pistons. This allows more precise damping and a wide range of tuning options as well as perfect road holding, even on the cutting edge of the dynamic limits of driving.

For example, the damping forces can be adjusted independently in the low-speed and high-speed forces in the compression and rebound stages. Basically, this KW development comes from KW GT3 factory motorsport. With the US-VMAX-BBi-Porsche, adjustable BBi wishbones were added to the KW shocks.

As fast as the BBi VMAX GT2 RS looks, as fast as it is without being a radically uncomfortable racing car, at the Sun Valley Tour de Force, it was allowed off the track and on a country road in Idaho. A top speed of 226.95 mph (365 km/h) was timed.

But besides more power and the suspension, BBi Autosport equipped even more. For example, there was a regimen for the interior of the GT2 RS: seats, door panels, carpets, radio and such gave way to lightweight components such as Recaro Profi SPG bucket seats.

The standard interior was partly replaced by Porsche motorsport club sport components.

A fire extinguishing system was also installed, while the Clubsport bracket was extended with a “BBi StreetCup Harness Bar”.

The mounted alloy wheels are 20″ and 21″ Forgeline GE1R central-locking alloy wheels are warped with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.

BBi Autosport said to have saved about 200 pounds (90.7 kilograms) on the GT2 RS, which is already lighter as an ordinary 991 and the Americans showed with the BBi VMAX GT2 RS Porsche that performance tuning is simply the measure of all things. Even a perfect sports car like the Porsche 911 GT2 RS with the right skills and knowhow can be modified to perfection.

Photos BBi Autosport; Words C. Schmidt

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