New in! KW V5 coilovers for the Honda NSX and Acura NSX

Another product launch at KW! We now offer the KW V5 coilover suspension kit for all 2016 to 2022 manufactured Honda NSX, NSX Type S (NC, NX), and Acura NSX models. In the scope of delivery, the hybrid sport scar and its four engines can be lowered up to 25 millimeters with the help of the KW V5 coilovers.

The myth around the Honda NSX started in the late 80s: Back then, an innovative sports car was born – the first production car with a unitized aluminum body (self-supporting chassis). Except for a few components, such as the interior, the Honda was made entirely of aluminum.

In the scope of the first facelift, the Honda NSX back then was the only car equipped with an electrically assisted rack-and-pinion power steering and an electronic throttle control system.

At its market launch, the NSX was crowned one of the ten best automobiles in the world. No surprise: Every real petrol head knows that the NSX was engineered in close cooperation with Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna.

The price for the first-ever two Honda NSX models exploded in the past years. Ten years ago, an NSX (NA1) from the early 90s cost around 40k. Today, it is not uncommon that prices are around 100k.

But even in Japan, the hype about the NSX has gotten out of hand. If you plan on splurging yourself with a Honda NSX, you could even buy yourself a small condo in the Japanese province for the same price. Back then, nobody could hardly believe their eyes when someone at BH Auctions bought a 2005 Honda NSX-R with just 600 kilometers on the clock for the equivalent of around 385,000 euros.

Successful reinterpretation of the Honda NSX myth

2016 launched Honda NSX follows the innovative footsteps of 1990 to 2005 built Honda NSX models.

The Japanese sports car was the first hybrid serial model in the Honda NSX sports car segment with combined drive technology due to a classic 3.0-liter V6 bi-turbo and three electric engines.

Both successors were relatively light and came with an unladen weight of 1.392 and 1.460 kilograms. Despite its carbon components and glass-fiber reinforced plastic, the hybrid NSX, with its three electric engines and all-wheel drive, has a comparatively high unladen weight of 1.772 kilograms.

To counteract the high weight and therefore high serial spring rates in the chassis of a modern sports car, we engineered our four-way performance adjustable KW V5 coilover kit for the Honda NSX (NC, NX) – type S and Acura NSX included.

Unfortunately, we only have this picture in German. Nevertheless, you see how a standard KW spring (left spring) and a high-strength spring (right spring) differ from each other

High spring rates are often used to support the high car weight. After all, the springs carry the body construction while the damper hydraulics control the springs.

Our blog provides everything you need to know for everyone who likes to dive deeper into the topic.

Where attempts are often made to optimize the handling only by adjusting the coilover spring, the KW suspension philosophy has always been to use the damper hydraulics more. The unique thing about our KW V5 coilover suspension kits is that we work primarily with hydraulics.

We manufacture the KW V5 coilover kit with Solid Piston technology

In contrast to common mono-tube or twin-tube dampers, we trust in our Solid Piston technology for the KW V5 coilover kit. This way, our damper hydraulic is able to generate much more force. As a result, the support of the car body improves. A high spring rate is no longer required.

Cross-section of the four adjustable valves in the KW V5 coilover kit

Additionally, the V5 damper valves are separated from the piston. Therefore, we are more flexible in the entire suspension design and setting of the damper characteristics. The KW V5 coilovers are displacement pistons. The piston displaces the oil column directly into the valve housing. The damper fluid flows through the lowspeed needle valves and highspeed shaft valves.

The KW V5 is part of the Street Performance program and convinces on the road

Even within low spring rates, we achieve the necessary damping to ensure the car is manageable. Moreover, driving safety increases – even after the dynamic handling limit. In the pre-set basic setup of the KW V5, the Honda NSX rolls more comfortably in combination with a low spring rate. The KW V5 dampens speed bumps and transversal joints in a sovereign way.

Our KW V5 coilovers are inspired by our developments for the GT3 customer motorsport

This damper technology is based on developments from prototype motorsport. We also adapted it from GT3 customer sport for road chassis. The KW V5 coilover suspension can be adjusted to an individual set-up via the multi-valve technology.

Adjustments are made at the adjustment wheels you see in the picture above. Here, the setup can be separately adjusted in highspeed compression and rebound and lowspeed compression and rebound – all 14 clicks each.

But when are highspeed or lowspeed adjustments needed? A saying simplifies it: Rough speed bumps and street irregularities are always highspeed adjustments, whereas drivers are responsible for all lowspeed stimulations of the damper.

Fancy wheels and a KW V5 coilover kit inside make the Honda NSX look even better (Photo: Naumann Motorsport)

Already ex-works, the NSX doesn’t come with much serial ground clearance. Moreover, the serial coilovers have low spring travel. With our coilover kit, the ground clearance becomes even less. When installing the V5, the car is automatically lowered ten millimeters. More lowering up to 15 millimeters is possible via the adjustable spring place. Compared to a series Honda NSX, a Honda with KW V5 inside is 25 millimeters lower.

The KW V5 for the Honda NSX is made of aluminum alloy

Usually, our spring struts are made of stainless steel. Due to the axle geometry with a double wishbone at the front and multi-link rear axle, there are no wheel guiding forces at the spring struts. Therefore, the product is made of an Aerospace aluminum alloy.

Via the dealer search on our KW suspensions homepage, you’ll find dealers near you. Also, many KW dealers are registered in Europe if you’re from the UK or another English-speaking country

On our KW homepage, you can find certified KW dealers through our dealer search, who will be happy to help you with suspension questions about the Honda NSX.

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