Essen Motor Show 2022: With KW as an exhibitor, the Essen Motor Show becomes spectacular and we’ll show you why

Our KW booth at the Essen Motor Show in December 2021
Our booth at the Essen Motor Show in 2021

Thank god it’s that time of the year again: The Essen Motor Show is back and the KW automotive Group participates with its premium brands ap Sportfahrwerke, Ascher Racing, BBS wheels, KW suspensions, RaceRoom, Reiger Suspension, ST suspensions and TrackTime in hall 3.

Ascher Racing developed two new steering wheels. The Formula F64-SC V3 and the F64-USB V3 with a battery capacity of 800 hours.

The new Formula F64-SC V3 and the F64-USB V3 steering wheels can be used with various SimRacing Direct Drive Systems (wheelbases). While the F64-USB V3 is platform-independent, connected via cable, and compatible with different wheelbases, the F64-SC V3 transfers signals wirelessly. The battery capacity is at approximately 800 hours. Both new Ascher Racing steering wheels have laterally arranged radial thumb encoders.

One thing is for sure: Our motorsport fans will get their money’s worth at this year’s Essen Motor Show. At our fair booth in hall 3, we will show a variety of our current motorsport shocks. Furthermore, the BMW M4 GT3 with KW V6 Racing dampers of DTM champion Sheldon Van der Linde will be presented at our booth. Isn’t it exciting?

Sheldon Van der Linde drove the BMW M4 GT3 of Team Schubert Motorsports and became the DTM champion of 2022

With the BMW M4 GT3 (#31), Schubert Motorsport and Sheldon Van der Linde won the DTM 2022 in the team ranking and driver ranking.

The red BMW M4 GT3 by Schubert Motorsport became champion in the DTM 2022 with driver Sheldon Van der Linde

The red racing car is homologated with KW V6 Racing dampers with solid-piston technology ex-works.

Already in 2017 at the MotorsportWorldExpo in Cologne, we showed our first solid piston dampers. At the Essen Motor Show 2022, we will also present two new KW V5 Racing FSAE dampers (with piggyback and with internal reservoir). More information is soon to be found on this blog.

Many of our retail partners already know that we expanded our KW solid piston dampers and coilovers drastically. Nowadays, not only motorsport cars for the GT3- and GT4 customer sport or Formula Student are equipped with KW…

The Lamborghini Huracan can also be equipped with KW coilover kits
The KW V5 coilover kit is also available for the Lamborghini Huracán

…there are also KW coilovers with KW solid piston shocks for coilover kits with parts certificate such as the KW V5 coilover kit for selected sportscars and offroad cars.

The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG (463A) has a good stance with our KW DDC plug & play coilover kit
Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG (463A) with KW DDC plug & play coilover kit

Our solid piston coilover kits are available at certified retail partners or in our online shop for cars such as the Corvette C8, the Honda NSX (NC, NX), the Lamborghini Huracán, and the Porsche Carrera GT. There is also the KW DDC plug & play coilover kit with two electrically adjustable proportional valves for the Mercedes-Benz AMG (463A) and the Mercedes-Benz G class (463A).

The root of our solid piston dampers is in motorsport applications. That’s why it was a matter of honor to use this kind of technology in our KW Clubsport applications such as the Porsche 911 (992) GT3 or the Mercedes-AMG GT (197), and GT-R Pro (197) included.

The Reiger Suspension "Street & Trail" V5 dampers have a blow-off function and will also be presented at the Essen Motor Show in hall 3

Our new Reiger Suspension “Street & Trail” V5 dampers with blow-off function show the diversity of our solid piston technology. The Reiger dampers will also be displayed in hall 3 in Essen.

Some contestants of the Rallye Dakar are also equipped with Reiger dampers

The new Reiger dampers with hydraulic compression and rebound stop combine the best of both worlds of KW engineering: the technology of the WRC and DTM champions.

Already from December 2022, the Reiger Street & Trail V5 are available for the Ford Ranger (2AB), Jeep Wrangler (JL), and Jeep Gladiator (JZ). Depending on the respective market, lifting of up to 70 millimeters is possible.

Nevertheless, coilovers from Fichtenberg are much more than just ap, ST, or KW. At our fair booth, one or another exhibit of our special OE coilovers will be presented. For example, we developed several coilover kits for chosen Ford models. Now it is possible to order an optional “Track Pack” for the Ford Focus ST directly at Ford.

You can find a variety of our coilover developments at our KW booth at the Essen Motor Show 2022. There, our KW colleagues will be happy to provide you with information about our products
At the Essen Motor Show 2021, the adaptive Rimac Nevera coilover kit was presented

Coilover kits available at other automotive manufacturers are often also adjustable in damper characteristics and are based on our coilover developments.

Regarding our other brands, there will also happen a lot of exciting stuff at the Essen Motor Show. For example, ap Sportfahrwerke will present some cool community cars at its fair booth. With ap, we will show again that good quality can be inexpensive as well.

Stuff will get crazy at the fair booth of ST suspensions at the Essen Motor Show. And by that, we don’t mean the optional possibilities that arose because we expanded the “Make-it-Yours”-program with spring packages for the ST XTA and the ST XTA plus 3 or the three-way adjustable coilover kits with parts certificate for the Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32).

On Baggsy’s Youtube channel you can follow several retrofitting steps of his “Drift Pick-up”

At ST suspension we also have something special: The 1000 hp Nissan Navara-R with Nissan-GT-R-Power of Steve “Baggsy” Biagioni. The British drifter will also be on site on both weekends.

Our testimonial Sidney Hoffmann will also visit our KW booth several times

Talking about testimonials: Sidney Hoffmann will visit our fair booth in hall 3 on the weekends. Sidney has been our testimonial and KW family member for several years. Moreover, on the other side of our fair booth, our BBS colleagues are to be found.

At our BBS booth of 2021 we showed new wheels of the BBS Unlimited wheel system
Our BBS booth at the Essen Motor Show 2021

At BBS we went at full speed since we took over the brand in 2021. At the Essen Motor Show 2022, we will show our expanded and shortly available BBS Unlimited wheel system.

At the Essen Motor Show 2022 we will present a new wheel in our Classic design line - the BBS RT Unlimited

But there is more to be found at BBS: We listened to our community and show the BBS RT Unlimited wheel for the first time.

The new BBS RT Unlimited is a two-piece wheel with customizable rim bed and rim star

The so-called RT-U is a two-piece light-alloy wheel and is available in 18, 19, and 20 inches. More information is to be found at our BBS fair booth in hall 3 or on the homepage of where you can soon vote for the wheel.

Our teaser video which explains our new BBS Unlimited wheel system

For those of you that aren’t sure if you understood our new BBS Unlimited wheel system, we developed a little teaser video. Here, the system of our customizable wheel system is further explained.

Surprise, surprise! At the Essen Motor Show 2022 we will show one of our secret project cars.

But let’s announce another highlight at the BBS fair booth at the Essen Motor Show: Together with JP Performance, we did a little project – what kind of project you will find out soon. See you at the EMS 2022!

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