Fast delivery – 100 km/h in under two seconds! Meet Ford’s 2000 hp Pro Electric SuperVan

Forget ordinary package delivery services, from now on when you order a package, Ford could deliver it within the blink of an eye. The wild styled Ford made its debut at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK. Kudos to Ford for being able to keep this project a secret, until now.

The eye-catching SuperVan was developed in secret by Ford Performance and electrified rally and racing specialists STARD (Stohl Advanced Research and Development) in Austria, while the exterior design was executed by the Ford Design team in Cologne, Germany.

Our KW V5 Racing dampers are used in the Electric SuperVan Concept

The entire construction of the Electric SuperVan was guided by the basic principles of building a racing car. The motorsport-specific construction of the SuperVan combines the E-Transit Custom floor panels with a steel space frame and lightweight composite body parts.

The racing influence continues under the skin with unequal-length double wishbone suspension at each corner, special suspension struts, additional frames from motorsport for both axles and 4-way performance-adjustable solid piston dampers from KW (V5 Racing), which can be adjusted separately in the high and low-speed forces of the compression and rebound stages.

The front of no van ever comes with ideal aerodynamics, but Ford has enough racing experience to deal with that little hiccup. A slot vent in the nose feeds air into a massive carbon fiber tube that bisects the interior and exhales above the rear number plate.

Next there’s the Ford GT-style air tunnels that clean up airflow around the back, supported by several body parts like front splitter, rear diffuser and wing.

A customized 50 kWh liquid-cooled battery pack is installed for optimal weight distribution, a low centre of gravity and the battery can be fully charged in roughly 45 minutes using a standard fast charger for electric vehicles.

The interior of the Ford Pro Electric Supervan features a full roll cage and racing seats that meet FIA safety standards as well as a large SYNC touchscreen. If necessary, the driver can stop racing in the Electric SuperVan to map out a route, find a charger, connect to WiFi and make phone calls – all through the SYNC screen.

Ford has a history of powerful SuperVans. The first one was revealed in 1971 and came with a mid-mounted engine taken from the LeMans winning Ford GT40. The most impressive so far was the SuperVan 3, powered by a 650 hp Cosworth HB engine used in Formula 1 cars of that era.

The current one has 2000 hp and hits 100 km/h on the count of two seconds! In the last weekend of June, the Ford Pro Electric SuperVan entered the stage at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK.

In the last weekend of June, the Ford Pro Electric SuperVan entered the stage at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK. Romain Dumas will get behind the wheel of the van for the “Hillclimb”. Romain holds the electric lap record at the fearsome Nordschleife, where he won four Nürburgring 24 Hours races, further more he has also set numerous track records during his long motorsport career, including Goodwood and Pikes Peak hillclimbs.

“I see it as a unique opportunity to be able to contribute to Ford’s iconic SuperVan history and show what such an exceptional vehicle can look like in the 21st century,” underlines Amko Leenarts, director Design, Ford of Europe.

The eye-catching SuperVan at Goodwood Festival of Speed Photo: Drew Gibson

The fourth SuperVan generation is the fastest and most extreme, but at the same time it inherits the typical Ford Transit heritage. Its proportions are more striking than those of the E-Transit Custom series model. The front light bar looks particularly futuristic. This puts the Electric SuperVan at the forefront of the Transit design language.

Photo Ford Europe, Drew Gibson

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