Gatebil is calling! When Disaster strikes!

Remember the “Über 320d” of our Swedish Customer and Motorsports partner Karel Silha? His BMW is still active and racing this season in Sweden and Norway. Here you’ll find an aweseome feature about his E90 320d (click the photos). We started with Gatebil Mantorp and that was our race #2 for this year. Which was a complete disaster. During friday training we started to see some issues with the electrnics in the car and the further we tried and trained the more problems we got.

So during the Qualification and Timeattack we had massive issues. We worked hard during the night to try to find the faulty wires and thought we had it. During saturdays first practice we went out in the morning but we had even more issues with this. With the logging enabled we managed to located what was causing the fault but still didn’t have any solution.

So again we worked hard into the night and again tried it on sunday but the issue was still there and we had to forfit both races this weekend. With a car starting to work so good and me getting the needed hours behind the wheel the times are getting very competative so this Mantorp weekend was a major dissapointment.

Race Nr#3 Gatebil Rudskogen

We had remade most of the wires and hoped that it would have solved the issue, due to few days between these events we didnt have the time to try the car so we went to norway with hopes that we had solved it.  First training out it worked and the joy in the team was great, one fitting to the steering servo got loose so we had to end that training and fix that issue, during training number 2 the intake got loose and again we had to end short and fix that.

Now its time for the qualification, and we some mods done to the car we didnt have so much time on just this track with the new setup so we ended up just going out hard had doing our best. At the end of the Qualification we ended up P10 out of 31 started last lap stated that it would have been a ever quicker time and that would have made P7.  But P10 was good we chopped of almost 3sec from our Personal best from last year! Three seconds, can you guys believe that?

So with that we can say that the car and me are starting to work. No more training was done that day and the car got a maintance and prepped for saturdays race. Just 20min before the race the sky opened and massive rain hit the track so we in panic changed for rain tires and also removed the swaybars for more traction.

As P10 in qualifying we got p10 as started and worked hard through the field, the Car worked so good in rain and we was shortly aiming for P5, but that ended quickly when a fellow racer T-boned me from the side and we were out. We took it on the chin and prepped the car for race 2 on sunday. With not many good laps done we had a poor staring grid position, and was in P17.

After hard battle and some bold overtaking we was in P7 and just behind the guy that T-boned us the day before. To make sure we go to finish i stayed behind him and waited for him to make a misstake so i can make a clean overtaking we were 1-2 sec faster.

But this time the guy had is game mode on and keept it clean and in the race line so there was nevere a good opportunity to do a good overtaking so we played it safe and landed P7 which gave us very much needed points.

Photo Gatebil Camilla

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