Get the start lights ready: The annual Bathurst 12h race takes place this weekend

The upcoming weekend (February 3 to February 5, 2023) the motorsport world is upside down. In contrast to the previous year, the race takes place during the Australian summer.

In 2019, our motorsports customer won the 12h race of Bathurst

In 2022, the race was postponed due to COVID in May 2022. This year’s date is almost the same like in the years before and we are once more active on the racetrack with our Scuderia Autoart and next to the “Mount Panorama” racetrack with our banners. Moreover, the organizers revised the regulations with a new qualifying format.

Together with our import partner Scuderia Autoart and the brands BBS and KW, the KW automotive Group presents the Bathurst 12h race

Within the 2023 qualifying, the contestants aren’t on the racetrack at the same time. Moreover, in the first 25-minute qualifying 1 (Q1), only semi-professionals in category silver and amateurs in category bronze drive on the “Australian Nordschleife”.

Afterward, the 40-minute session (Q2) starts where the professionals drive as well. What makes the Bathurst 12h race special is that professional teams have to set up their teams with two drivers.

Matt Campbell was place holder in 2020 (Archive photo, Porsche Motorsport)

At the end of the qualifying, the average lap times of the professional drivers are determined. The fastest ten drivers go to the legendary shootout where they compete for the pole position in two groups.

Traditionally, the race starts in the early morning when it’s still dark outside (Archive photo, Porsche Motorsport)

Starting places from position eleven will be determined as usual after the qualifying. In total, 26 vehicles start in Australia. Once more, the 12h Bathurst race is the debut of the International GT Challenge (IGTC).

Australian motorsport fans can be on site since February 2, 2023 (Photo: Edge Photographics, Mark Horsburgh)

Five of our motorsport customers will take part in the race the upcoming weekend. For example, Team Manthey EMA drives the Porsche 911 GT3 R (991.2) in class A PRO with the starting number #912 – the new 992-GT3-R isn’t eligible to enter in Australia yet.

Both the Porsche 911 GT3 R (991.2) and the latest Porsche 911 GT3 R (992) are homologated with Solid Piston dampers from Fichtenberg (Photo: Edge Photographics, Mark Horsburgh)

The drivers of the Manthey-EMA-911 are Porsche factory drivers Thomas Preining, Mathieu Jaminet, and Matt Campbell. In 2019, the Australian Matt Campbell won the 12h race of Bathurst in his Porsche 911 GT3 R.

Our KW V6 Racing Solid Piston dampers are used in the Porsche 911 GT3 R and BMW M4 GT3

In the Porsche 911 GT3 R (#4) by Grove Racing (Class A PRO-AM) Stephen Grove, Brenton Grove, and Andon De Pasquale will be driving.

The Belgian BMW Team WRT starts with two BMW M4 GT3s in Australia (Photo: Edge Photographics, Mark Horsburg)

The winner of the 24h race in Dubai – the Belgian BMW motorsport customer Team WRT – starts with two BMW M4 GT3s at the 12 hours of Bathurst. The M4 (#32) pilots are Sheldon Van Der Linde, Dries Vanthoor, and Charles Weerts in class A PRO.

At his first 24h-race, Valentino Rossi became third

The second WRT-BMW (#46) drives in the A PRO class as well and shares the cockpit with the former motorcycle professional and nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi and the BMW professionals Augusto Farfus and Maxime Martin.

This is how you stream the 12h race at home

On their official YouTube channel, you can watch the 12 hours of Bathurst live

Unfortunately, Australia is at the other end of the world. Therefore, it isn’t possible to visit Mount Panorama in New South Wales spontaneously. Thank god live streams exist so at least we can watch the race on our screens.

Saturday, February 4, 2023
02:45 – 03:10 a.m.*: Qualifying 1
03:55 – 04:35 a.m.* : Qualifying 2
06:10 – 06:50 a.m.* : Top-10-Shootout
07:45 p.m.* : 12h-Bathurst Starting grid Race Start (08:30 p.m.*)
* = CET (Central European Time)

Live Stram Part 1
Live Stream Part 2

Photos Porsche Motorsport, BMW Motorsport, Archiv, Edge Photographics, Mark Horsburgh

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