KAEGE RETRO – A stylish and modern sports car that will make you enjoy your ride with our KW Classic Suspension

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, far away from Salzburg, Stuttgart, Wolfsburg, Zuffenhausen and sunny California, there are many Porsche enthusiasts who consider a Porsche 911 much more than just a sports car.

But until the time came, the passion for Porsche only matured through Roger Kaege’s learned craft in bodywork and vehicle construction. About a decade ago, a Porsche 911 (993) rolled into his workshop in the Rhine Valley of the Palatinate, and then it began.

As every Porsche enthusiast knows, Porsche 911s produced from 1993 to 1998 were the last of their kind. They were the last models with air-cooled six-cylinder engines and the end of an era. To some extent, the 993’s design and shape are rooted in the flashy nineties.

For some convinced enthusiasts, the flat fenders with their poly ellipsoid headlights have already been too much. Basically, apart from the roofline, everything about the fourth generation of the 911 Type 993 has been redrawn with a new stroke of the pen – typical of the nineties.

Roger Kaege could neither get used to the idea of this new design. Instead, his heart beats immensely for the technology of the 993. Numerous components that had already proven their worth in motorsports were incorporated into the 993 production models back then. The fourth-generation Porsche 911, for example, was the first to dispose of a lightweight multi-link rear axle.

Nonetheless, the most fascinating thing about the 993 was its air-cooled two-valve opposed cylinder engine. Refined and perfected down to the last item. With a cubic capacity of 3.6 liters, the range of services of road focused suspensions has extended from an initial 285 to 450 hp for the Turbo with the optional factory performance upgrade II, depending on the model and construction period.

While there has been a hype over the past 20 years about several Porsche 964s in Porsche F-model appearance, especially in North America, Roger Kaege took an entirely different approach – “German Gründlichkeit (German thoroughness)” circling back to the Porsche roots, for sure. dp motorsport and others had already led the way here in Germany by concentrating more on the world of motorsports.

On the other hand, Roger Kaege builds his KAEGE RETRO for nostalgia lovers who would like to drive a classic car in their everyday life and enjoy modern technology. The Porsche 993 in perfect technical condition forms the basis for this, as mentioned in the beginning. This also offers the great advantage that the typical service work can still be carried out in any authorized Porsche garage. OBD and other functions provide for a more comfortable life for service technicians.

After all, a KAEGE is still a 993 – the only difference is that it’s more good-looking according to KAEGE customers who often say this with a smile on their face.

In order to make a KAEGE as beautiful and graceful as a ballet dancer rather than a wrestler, the passionate body and vehicle builder redesigned the front hood, rear, fenders and bumpers. It is obvious that plenty of lightweight carbon fiber comes into play. The positive thing about this is that, despite the new dimensions and assembly of large 17-inch wheels from Kerscher in the classic fuchsia rim design with 225/255 tires, the Kaege appears in a classic and at the same time noble way, just like the original from the sixties.

Of course, a touch of the Porsche 911 G-model is added at the rear of the KAEGE RETRO Turbo: the beautiful “turbo lid” with integrated spoiler. New, but still classic: the taillights incorporate modern technology.

Another highlight is the KAEGE LED headlights, which even function as LED position lights or a high beam that can be switched to a low beam. Because of their strong luminosity, they are a real eye opener.

To illustrate the luminosity of the KAEGE headlights, you can see a picture taken at night. Roger Kaege also offers these headlights for Porsche 911 of the generations F-model (until year of construction 1973), G-model (until year of construction 1989) and 964 (until year of construction 1993).

Anyone who wants to purchase a KAEGE RETRO needs to donate time. A KAEGE RETRO is not an industrial mass product, but rather an automotive work of art. Just as a real Irish whiskey matures, a Porsche 993 transforms into a KAEGE RETRO through delicate handwork.

Whoever wants to buy a KAEGE RETRO should ideally have a Porsche 911 (993) as his or her base vehicle. If the 993 is not yet available, you can also commission the KAEGE RETRO team with the search and purchase of a suitable “donor vehicle,” if necessary. On average, the complex maturation process to become a KAEGE RETRO takes about 2,500 hours.

The turbo engine in the KAEGE RETRO Turbo produces up to 510 hp, depending on the customer’s demands. It accelerates from a standstill to the maximum road speed of 100 km/h within 3.9 seconds with a curb weight of only 1,290 kilograms.

Those who want to go faster can do so at any time thanks to the Turbo. The upper limit is only at 310 km/h. Six-speed all-wheel drive transmission and others still come from the 993.

A KAEGE RETRO does not only appear fantastically from the outside, but its interior is equally breathtaking. It utilizes the finest materials and current technology in a timeless surrounding.

The 993 does not only dispose of a customized sheet metal and carbon covering in a nostalgic design, but it also has the most modern components, such as a Brembo brake system or a suspension with separately adjustable compression and rebound.

From the very beginning, Roger Kaege has equipped his restored and modified vehicles, which are handmade, with our suspensions. Together with the Porsche enthusiast from the Palatinate, we have adapted the KW coilover Variant 3 in its damper valve design and spring rate specifically to his vehicles. If desired, KAEGE RETRO owners can also get a set-up which is adjusted to the individual driving sensation directly from Kaege.

Shall we go more into detail about our technologies? Probably not. Porsche enthusiasts have long been aware that our suspensions meet the highest standards and even the motorsport department of the sports car manufacturer Porsche relies on our suspensions in the GT3 motorsport.


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