BMW passion: Exclusive and breathtaking classic cars at our retail partner Raab Automotive

Heinz Raab has been active in the BMW scene for several years and made his passion his profession

Passion moves mountains when it becomes a profession. Heinz Raab’s love for BMW has been pounding in his heart for several decades.

Near Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany, Raab Automotive has been a meeting point for BMW enthusiasts for more than 30 years.

Since childhood, he has been fascinated by BMW and regularly attended national and international BMW meetings with his dad.

Our retail partner does not only restore cars…

He learned the craft of restoring and repairing BMW engines such as the BMW M10, BMW M20, BMW M30, and BMW M50 at BMW in the 80s.

…he also turns his customer vehicles and private collectibles into purebred sports cars

Bavarian car craftmanship has always been Heinz Raab’s passion. With his master craftsman’s diploma in the 80s, he founded his own workshop where he took care of motor vehicle repairs and gradually moved towards tuning and motorsport projects.

No matter if it is the 02 or the BMW M3 – our retail partner has a KW Classic coilover solution for every BMW in his product program

Beyond the borders of Bavarian and Swabia, the KW performance partner Raab Automotive established its name among BMW drivers and enthusiasts.

Those that buy and install a KW coilover kit at our certified KW retail partners, can also apply for a three-year follow-up warranty

It doesn’t matter whether BMW enthusiasts need help with motorsport projects, repair, restoration, or tuning for their new car or for a legendary vintage or young classic BMW car. They even have expertise regarding air-cooled Porsche.

Coilover installation and professional wheel alignment directly at Raab Automotive

KW retail partners for years

Raab Automotive has taken care of all customer concerns for more than 30 years. At Raab Automotive, they specialize in car tuning, motorsport retrofitting, track day projects, classic and vintage car restoration.

Classic and vintage cars are also attractive to our retail partner. This is why he further expanded the business unit “Raab Classics.” A short time ago, “Raab Lack Scuderia” was also created.

At Raab Automotive, approximately ten people are employed

To become a certified KW performance partner, all retailers who sell and install KW automotive Group products must complete a multi-stage training program.

No matter if classic or modern BMW – our KW retail partner Raab Automotive is at your side

The highest retailer and service level a KW retail partner can complete is to become a certified “KW performance partner.” Raab Automotive was one of the first businesses to achieve this status.

We offer various coilover kits for BMW of the 70s

Together with Raab Automotive, we took it one step further and developed several coilover applications for selected classic BMW automobiles, such as the BMW 2002, BMW E24, and the BMW E28. Those had the official product description “Raab Classics coilovers made by KW.

When retrofitting to modern damper technology the front axle spring struts need to be sent to our headquarters

The developed Raab Classics coilovers made by KW are independently adjustable in compression and rebound – just like our KW V3 coilover kit.

We also offer a KW Klassik coilover kit for the wonderful BMW Coupe 3.0 CSi (E9)

These coilovers provide the vintage BMW cars with more driving comfort, driving dynamics, driving safety, and modern handling without losing their charming character.

Heinz Raab’s top priority for over 30 years has been legal tuning, combining safe drivability with a beautiful appearance. The goal is always to ensure that every BMW and any other automobile offers the best driving dynamics, driving comfort, and driving pleasure.

If you’re looking for a KW retail partner near you, open the Dealer Search on our homepage and find a professional partner in your neighborhood.

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