KW develops Coilovers for all Tesla Model 3 (AWD and RWD)

Since beginning of 2019 the Tesla Model 3 has also been available in Europe. According to different media reports the Model 3 is already one of the best-selling electric cars in Europe. KW automotive, the suspension manufacturer, develops the perfect suspension for every demand, even hybrid cars and electric vehicles.

Modern battery electric cars with high axle loads benefit from state-of-the-art KW shocks with multi-valve damper technology from the German market leader. KW launched in March the KW coilover suspension kit Variant 3, which is separately adjustable in compression and rebound forces.

According to Nextmove, the range in Model 3 (RWD) increases by up to seven percent due to the KW Variant 3 (see English subtitled YouTube-Video). If you don’t see here a YouTube-Video, it’s possible that the right owner has deactivated the share function. Please visit

Soon the KW Variant 3 made from stainless steel will also be available for the all-wheel drive Tesla Model 3. The coilover suspension features an approved lowering of 25 – 55 millimeters at the front axle and 25 – 50 millimeters at the rear axle (25 – 50 millimeters AWD).

Our shocks and coilover suspension kits are very successful in the global premium market, because for all our road applications like the KW Variant 3 our development setup philosophy is setup as comfortable as possible and as firm as necessary in all driving situations in everyday life.

A KW Variant 3 equipped Tesla Model 3 benefits from improved ride comfort and better handling at top speeds. Also a Model 3 with 20” wheels and low-profile tires will benefit greatly from this advanced KW technology.

KW is using pre-configured high-speed valves for the compression and rebound stages in the Variant 3 dampers. When driving over large highway transverse joints or on small country roads with bad tarmac a high-speed excitation will appear, and the preloaded valve springs will open to their maximum cross-section.

So, the piston rod can immerse, and a harmonic damping is achieved. A KW V3 equipped Tesla Model 3 has a harmonic damping and doesn’t rock during fast load changes, the chassis no longer loses grip on high speeds or an offset of the tires occurs. The electric vehicle now drives safely and tracks consistent in all situations with a KW coilover suspension kit.


The adjustment of the damper setting is changed by hand directly on the integrated adjusters on the shock body. With 16 clicks in the low-speed range of the rebound forces and 12 clicks in lowspeed of the compression everyone can dial his preferred setup. A setup manual is always part of the delivery, also a technical component report for the authorities in different countries.

At the front axle the approved adjustment range for the stepless lowering is from 25 – 55 millimeters. On the rear axle is a lowering between 25 and 50 millimeters (25 – 50 millimeters AWD).

The mounted BBS CI-R alloy wheels on the Next Move Tesla Model 3 measure 9.5 x 20 inches ET40 on the front axle and 10.5 x 20 inches ET35 on the drive axle. The mounted tires have the dimensions 245 / 35-20 and 275 / 30-20.


The adaptive KW DDC ECU coilover kit including hydraulic lift system (HLS) is already available for the Tesla Model S.

Photos KW, Next Move

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