KW height adjustable springs for latest Audi RS6 (C8, Type F2) launched

KW suspensions has already developed for the latest Audi RS6 Avant (Station Wagon, C8, Type F2) height adjsutable springs (KW HAS). With these springs it is easy to transform the optional „RS sport suspension plus with dynamic ride control“ to a height adjustable coilover suspension kit with the feature of an independent lowering to a full nice looking performance stance.

Similar to a coilover kit, an attractive lowering can be adjusted after installation, for example to emphasize the sporty appearance of the Audi RS6 (C8, Type F2).

Once the adjustable spring perches and spring sleeve kits are installed with the KW suspension springs, it’s easier to adjust an approved lowering.

After you switch to bigger wheels and different tires it becomes easier to change the gap between the fender and the rims. It would not be possible with regular springs.

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The great advantage of KW coilover springs compared to conventional lowering springs is the possibility to make an individual lowering possible at any time.

With the KW height adjustable springs, the Audi RS6 can be adjusted in the lowering from 5 – 30 mm at the front axle and 5 – 30 mm at the rear axle.

The KW springs, manufactured from high-strength chrome-silicon steel, with height adjustment, vehicle-specific KW dust protection elements and bump stops offer the unique opportunity to extend the standard suspension. They are always specifically developed and tailormade for every car. The KW spring rates harmonize with all driving modes of the adaptive Audi RS sport suspension plus with dynamic ride control (DRC).

The linear and progressive spring rates of the KW height adjustable springs (KW HAS) are improving the sporty ride comfort and driving dynamics of the Audi RS6 (C8, Type F2) and also harmonize with each damping mode of the adaptive Audi RS sport suspension plus (DRC). Soon the full adjustable KW Variant 4 coilover suspension kit will be available for the latest Audi RS6 (C8, Type F2) Avant.

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