From old to new: The KW V3 Classic coilover kit for the all-wheel BMW E30 325 I X

A KW V3 Classic coilover kit in the BMW (E30) 325 i X for more modern driving and maximum fun.

At this point, we want to thank BMW classic car fans! We finally developed a KW V3 Classic coilover suspension kit for the BMW E30/16 (also called BMW 325 i X) because of your constant demand for suitable coilovers for the BMW E30 models.

Those of you that like to retrofit our KW V3 technology in a BMW 325 i X need to send us the original front axle spring struts

For the first time, we also equip a civil all-wheel drive BMW with our KW V3 Classic coilover kit (parts certificate included). With the parts certificate, individual acceptance for your coilover kit is optional.

At KW automotive, we can engineer and build a coilover kit for every automobile. Nevertheless, individual manufacturing makes those special orders a little more costly. If money was no object, we could build a coilover kit for every three, four, and multi-wheeled vehicle in Fichtenberg, Germany. Even for the indestructible, good old Unimog, we developed coilovers!

Since we offer KW Classic coilover kits with forged steering knuckles for the BMW E30 and BMW M3 (E30), more and more BMW E30 enthusiasts contacted us. The development requests increased further, and the price did not deter the BMW classic fans.

It doesn’t always have to be a “Quattro” in classic car sedans when all four wheels are powered.

Since December 2022, we have offered our KW V3 Classic with included parts certificate for the 325 i X. This way, the KW V3 Classic coilover kits for the all-wheel drive E30 aren’t more expensive than the coilovers for the BMW E30 models with original steering knuckles.

Front axle spring strut of the KW V3 Classic coilovers for the BMW 325 i X (E30/16)

Quick information: If you want to order the KW V3 Classic coilover kit for your all-wheel E30, you need to send in your original front axle spring struts, preferably in a clean state.

Our colleagues in the production department shortened the original spring strut and remodeled it into a KW V3 Classic coilover kit with modern damper technology. By the way, since the end of 2022, we have sold all our KW V3 Classic applications in black color.

For the BMW E21, we offer the Raab Classics coilovers made by KW

The reason why a large amount of vintage car enthusiasts retrofit their cars to modern suspension technology is simply explained: There are only so many original and affordable spare parts left. Moreover, the spare part shock absorbers for cars from the 70s and 80s were built a few months ago but do not correspond to the chassis technology of today.

With a KW V3 Classic inside, you won’t believe that the E30 is an 80s car

Coilovers had to be less capable in the past than they are today because of less weight, less performance, and less developed technology of the cars. Cars nowadays are way taller and heavier. Wheels considered wide tires at that time are not even offered as original equipment wheels today.

We offer our KW Classic coilover kits for a rising amount of vehicles. We have dampers in our delivery program even for “air-cooled evergreens,” such as the Porsche 356 or the Porsche 911 (F model and G model).

If you decide on a KW V3 Classic coilover kit, you can individually adjust the damper characteristic regarding the mounted wheel/tire combination according to your driving desires.

The KW V3 Classic coilover parts certificate for the BMW 325 i X offers a maximum lowering of 50 millimeters.

This is possible thanks to the separately adjustable KW multi-valve technology in our KW coilover kit. The rebound (16 clicks) enables an individual adjustment of the handling and the comfort of the coilovers. Within an increase of the rebound, the build-up movement of the chassis decreases.

The result is more track accuracy and a plus in driving stability in the E30 with V3 Classic inside. Independent of this, the compression is adjustable within twelve clicks to increase wheel traction and benefit the handling.

This is how our KW V3 works.

Our KW V3 valve technology uses pre-adjusted highspeed valves for compression and rebound. If the BMW 325 i X drives over large transversal joints or bad streets, the highspeed valves react and open additional channels in the damper for hydraulic fluid.

With a KW V3 Classic coilover kit, the BMW E30 drives similarly to a modern BMW.

The car doesn’t lose traction when going over bumps or driving in terrible street conditions. In all respects, the driving of the E30 325 i X becomes easier and more neutral on daily drives and at high speeds. The driving characteristic is almost as modern as with a new BMW.

In this video, KW automotive CEO and founder Klaus Wohlfarth explains how we build our KW V3 coilover kit

Our KW multivalve technology with separate compression and rebound adjustment makes a big difference to the driving characteristic of the car. Some even report that driving with a KW V3 inside becomes an addiction – no matter which kind of car.

We deliver our KW V3 Classic coilover kit for two-door and four-door BMW E30 325 i X sedans.

By the way, when we – or our retail partners – install the KW V3 Classic in the BMW 325 i X, the serial ground clearance decreases to 30 millimeters. Those of you that desire even more lowering can adjust the ground clearance even more.

To adjust the lowering at the front axle, you need to turn the spring plate via the trapezoidal thread downwards while the wheels stay relieved. At the rear axle, lowering is adjusted best when you take the rear axle spring plate into your hands. The parts certificate covers a continuous lowering of up to 50 millimeters.

Back to our colleagues from the special construction department: With a custom-made KW Classic coilover kit for a Ferrari 365 GT 2+2, we have already made one or another Ferraristi happy.

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