KW V3 Leveling – our State of the art suspension in the KW “Street Comfort” product family

To cut a long story short: Our new KW V3 Leveling suspension kits are perfect for drivers who aren’t interested in a maximum chassis drop or lowering of their car. The KW V3 Leveling is our answer for the best compromise between ride comfort and increased driving dynamics close to stock ride level.

The KW V3 Leveling suspension differs considerably from the KW V3 coilover suspension

Our KW V3 Leveling suspension kit feature dampers with multi-valve technology. So you can fine-tune the compression and rebound forces of the shocks. A manual adjustment of the ground clearance is to a certain level also possible.

In metropolitan regions in Asia, North America and South America, sometimes main traffic roads are poorly maintained compared to Central Europe. There, almost every intersection in low-traffic zones has speed bumps.

In these markets, drivers of mainly mid-size and upper mid-size sedans (Audi A4, Audi A6, BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Mercedes-Benz E-Class) and vans such as Mercedes-Benz Vito or Toyota Alphard want aftermarket suspensions that offer similar driving dynamics and yet are as comfortable as a KW V3 coilover suspension.

Due to the road infrastructure in these markets, there is not much interest in a maximum lowering in these markets as with the well-known KW coilovers.

KW V3 Leveling suspension for BMW 3 Series

Made of stainless steel our KW V3 Leveling suspensions focus on sporty ride comfort and increased handling on poorly constructed secondary roads and traffic routes with numerous speed bumps.

Often copied and never achieved, the KW multi-valve technology of our KW V3

In the KW V3 Leveling suspension, we rely on our proven and well-known KW multi-valve technology from our popular KW V3 coilover suspension.

With the rebound adjustment, a bypass channel in the valve opens or closes with 16 clicks. It influences, among other things, how quickly the suspension rebounds during load changes when the suspension gets compressed.

With twelve clicks, the cross-section in the Low-speed compression valve can be closed or unlocked to fine-tune the damping. The adjustable low-speed compression stage influences body roll during turn-in and pitching behavior during braking and acceleration.

BMW 5 Series G30 sedan equipped with KW V3 coilover suspension kit

Depending on the vehicle model, KW V3 Leveling suspensions can be adjusted for subtle lowering or lifting.

KW V3 Leveling suspension for BMW 5 Series (G30)

The certified adjustment range of the trapezoidal thread on the suspension struts is 0 – 20 millimeters for the BMW 5 Series Sedan (G30), and the Mercedes-Benz Vito, on the other hand, can be raised by 5 millimeters or lowered by 15 millimeters on the front axle.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito, on the other hand, can be raised by 5 millimeters or lowered by 15 millimeters on the front axle.

The long suspension travel of KW Leveling suspensions allows the suspension manufacturer to use progressive main springs with ride comfort-oriented spring rates.

The entire basic setup of the suspension is designed more for ride comfort without compromising the handling.

The target group of KW V3 Leveling suspension are drivers who are mainly drive in metropolitan areas and have a keen interest in sporty ride comfort.

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