KW Variant 3 available for the brand-new BMW M2


The new BMW M2 is designed for uncompromising driving dynamics and it sets new standards in the compact sports car segment.


With it’s short wheelbase, wide fenders and 370 hp the brand-new M2 has a the soul of the famous 1-series M coupé. We already developed the perfect suspension for every demand for the new M2. Aside from the new KW 3 Way Clubsport kit (click here for our KW Clubsport info), we also offer our KW suspension Variant 3 coilover, the ultimate street performance suspension, for brand-new BMW M2.


The Variant 3 KW coilover kit for the BMW M2 allows a continuously variable lowering between an approved range of 45mm and has been developed for the sporty driver in everyday life.


While most coilover kits only allow you to lower the car, the KW suspensions coilovers, made of stainless steel, offer a clear advantage by allowing you to separately adjust the rebound and compression damping forces independently of one another.


An M2 equipped with a KW Variant 3 takes every curve very direct and fully takes hold of any road. Bumps and transverse joints are quickly and easily damped by the suspensions as if they didn’t exist. Finally the days when a coilover suspension was hard at the same time, are long gone.

Drivers with KW coilover suspensions installed in their M2 benefit from motorsport technology applied for the road.


Your KW V3 dampers come with a recommended setting right out of the box, but can also be adjusted according to the personal preferences.


For example; to consider the handling due to alternative wheel and tire dimensions, the rebound can be changed within 16 individual settings.

The compression adjustment is integrated in the stainless steel strut or rear axle damper housing. By changing the compression damping, it can specifically influence the body roll, without having to change the spring rate that perfectly matches the rebound.


The twelve clicks of the compression damping also affects the tire grip, directional stability and handling characteristics.

Putting it simply, the Variant 3 coilovers allow you to adjust the handling of the BMW M2 to your individual driving demand. It does not matter if the sports coupé is primarily used on country roads for trips at the weekend or for long distances on the highway.


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