Lots of driving dynamics: driving an Alfa Romeo 4C is even more fun with a KW coilover

Compressed to the essentials without any compromises: Alfa Romeo 4C. With its carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, mid-engine and rear-wheel drive system, the Alfa, which weighs under 1,000 kg, is a real driving machine – without unnecessary rubbish such as power steering!

Alfisti Alexis P. is also quite happy with his 4C. The only thing he couldn’t really get used to is the factory-installed sports suspension: “This sports suspension was pretty hard on bumps, and somehow the vehicle pulled extremely hard on bumps and ruts. This has even happened while turning in and braking on uneven roads.”

“As my Alfa was very restless and nervous even at high speeds on the highway, I had to correct it permanently, so the only possibility for me was a different suspension.” Alexis has long wondered what he could do about it, since he didn’t want to part with his Alfa under any circumstances. Another factor was that his underground garage driveway slightly challenged him and caused difficulties for the 4C, because it was not constructed with much ground clearance. The Alfa could only overcome the steep driveway with a lot of sensitivity.

A friend gave Alexis the suggestion to contact us, and so we developed the Variant 2 for the Alfa Romeo together with Pogea Racing. “A KW coilover is already integrated into Alfonso Venafro’s 4C who enthused about the great roadholding, whereas I was a little unsure because of the lowering and my underground garage.”

In spite of the low center of gravity and the hardly existing ground clearance on the Alfa Romeo 4C and Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, the KW coilover Variant 2 with its stainless steel struts allows a maximum lowering of up to 20 mm.

Since the adjustment range of the lowering is between 0 and 20 mm on the front axle and the drive axle, this was simply perfect for Alexis. However, the KW Variant 2 is capable of doing a lot more than just providing for a stepless lowering.

Via the adjustable rebound damping, the vehicle-specific basic setup can be adjusted with 16 exact clicks for an increased ride comfort or improved direct body control. Thanks to the two-stage setup of our rebound valves (TVR-A technology), low volume flows stream through an adjustable conical low-speed bypass at slow damper speeds. Only at higher piston velocities, they flow through the large main rebound valve. This results in a significant increase in ride comfort without sacrificing performance during rapid load changes.

“Fortunately, with Variant 2 you can stay at the standard height if you wish, and therefore it was only a matter of time until I bought the suspension as well,” say the Alfisiti. The KW coilover was installed directly at the FCA branch in Frankfurt and since then, Alexis does not recognize his Alfa.

“For me, in the end, it was not about the lowering,” continues Alexis. Neither did he care about other people’s opinion who argue that the vehicle is too high. The rims are still the classics in 7 x 18 inches and 8.5 x 19 inches with Pirelli P-Zeros in 205/40R18 and 235/35R19.

The black 4C at the Hockenheimring belongs to Alexis’ buddy Alfonso, who was also on the road with a KW coilover and has profited from the adjustment range of the stepless lowering.

You can also meet him regularly at various racetracks such as the Hockenheimring with his Alfa Romeo 4C, whose performance has been enhanced by Pogea Racing. But now back to Alexis’ 4C.

“Since I got the KW coilover, the 4C has become much smoother and steadier. No more nervous handling,” states Alexis. “Plus, with the same wheel/tire combination, the 4C drives much better over ruts and bumps. The entire suspension dampens much more comfortably without being too soft somehow.”

In his experience, the suspension has turned out to be absolutely sporty. Cornering with the Alfa Romeo 4C has become entirely perfect. Moreover, he very much likes the precise turn-in behavior and the stability when braking; the 4C is now much calmer and less nervous – even on the highway.

We have developed the KW coilover Variant 2 not only for the Alfa Romeo 4C, but of course also for the 4C Spider.

The stepless adjustment range for lowering the Spider is also between 0 and 20 mm. The rebound can also be adjusted with 16 clicks if you want the driving style to become more firm or comfortable.

Images Alexis (Instagram sdz_77), KW, Pogea Racing, Alfonso (Instagram alfo4c)

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