Machining of the series struts is no longer necessary: KW Classic suspensions for BMW M3 (E30)

KW Classic Coilover suspension kits are now available for all BMW M3 (E30) in Variant 1 and Variant 3 with forged steering knuckles on the front axle struts as a ready-to-install complete suspension. The additional purchase of the original BMW M3-E30 exchange suspension struts and their complex machining is therefore no longer necessary.

In addition to the modern suspension design with KW multi-valve technology, the special feature of the KW Classic Variant 3 Coilover suspension kit is the front axle suspension struts including forged steering knuckles.

Vintage car enthusiasts no longer have to purchase the additional original M3 front axle struts, which then had to be extensively modified directly by the suspension manufacturer for the modern damper technology and the Coilover height adjustment.

The KW Classic Coilover suspension kits for the BMW M3 E30 are also suitable for installation in all other BMW E30s with rear-wheel drive to be able to use the M3 wheelbase circle of 5×120. For this purpose, however, the brake, as well as coupling rods on the E30, must also be adapted.

All BMW M3 (E30), as well as the special models “M3 Europameister”, “M3 Cecotto”, “M3 Evolution II”, “Sport Evolution”, and the M3 Convertible, can be equipped with the new KW Classic Coilover suspension kits. With these kits, the M3 can be lowered continuously from 25 – 55 millimeters. This corresponds approximately to a lowering of 80 millimeters on the BMW E30 series models.

For an increasing number of classic BMWs, KW automotive develops modern suspension systems which give the cars a contemporary driving behavior in combination with modern tires. Regardless of whether it’s in everyday life on country roads, poorly developed side roads, or fast drives on motorways, a KW Classic Coilover suspension kit enhances the road holding of the BMW M3 (E30) significantly without that the legendary sports car with its high-revving S14-BMW-M four-cylinder engine losing its unique character.

BMW itself has been equipping limited BMW M special models with our suspensions for a long time, and the automobile manufacturer also works closely with us in official BMW customer motorsport. From these developments we now have the benefits our KW Classic suspension program for vintage BMW cars.

The KW Classic Variant 3 Coilover suspension kit provides the M3 a significant performance gain through better road holding, more direct handling and, depending on the wheel/tire combination, a perceptible plus in ride quality.

The reason for this is the KW multi-valve technology used in the Variant 3 shock absorbers with pre-configured high-speed valves and adjustable low-speed valves for the compression and rebound forces. This results in a ride that is as tight as necessary and as comfortable as possible.

With 16 clicks, the cross-section in the low-speed rebound valve can be reduced or increased to precisely adjust the damping. When the rebound valve is opened, driving comfort is increased. When closed, the body’s pitching and rolling movements are significantly reduced and handling becomes even more dynamic.

In simple terms, the task of the rebound stage is to connect the M3 body to the road, while the compression stage influences the compression and supports the chassis,” explains Jonas Ehrmann. If the low-speed compression stage, which can be adjusted with twelve clicks, is closed or opened, the chassis set-up can be further influenced in terms of steering response and tire grip level.

The high-speed valves, on the other hand, cannot be further adjusted. Their task is to open the valves when driving fast over bumps, transverse grooves or joints in motorway bridges and the resulting high-speed excitation to guarantee harmonious damping and neutral body movement.

By installing KW Classic Coilover suspension kits with their modern dampers, the legendary BMW M3 gains significantly in driving dynamics and even increases the driving comfort in comparison to the M-suspension set-up from the eighties. The KW Classic Variant 3 Coilover suspension kit uses a multi-valve technology which allows separate tuning of the compression and rebound stages. Although for the Variant 1, KW does not use an adjustable valving.

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