KW V5 and KW V5 Clubsport Coilover Suspension Kits for Lotus Emira

We’ve designed the KW V5 Clubsport specifically for the Lotus Emira, derived from our KW Track Performance program. Additionally, we’ve developed the KW V5 coilover suspension within the KW Street Performance category, complete with a parts certificate

For years, automotive enthusiasts have been turning to us for more driving dynamics and more driving comfort or simply to go around the Nürburgring Nordschleife with their street-legal track tool. In the past, more and more car manufacturers have also come to us asking if we can help them.

Among us, the Lotus brand has not yet been with us, but we are consulted by many other car manufacturers and small series manufacturers when it comes to the question of the right suspension. If you’d like, just browse the KW automotive blog with the tag “Special-OE,” and you’ll discover one or two interesting stories. If you are reading this blog post before the Essen Motor Show 2023, just drop by our stand in Hall 3.

KW V5 Clubsport Kit for Lotus Emira

We also use “the somewhat different damper” in our coilover suspension kits for the Lotus Emira, as the German “Technikmagazin KRAFTHAND” recently described.

The KW V5 coilover suspension and KW V5 Clubsport coilover suspension do not utilize ordinary monotube or regular twin-tube dampers; rather than using KW V5 and KW V6 Racing dampers, which offer two-, three-, four- and five-way adjustable valves, we employ a solid piston design.

With the KW V5 coilover suspension, we rely on our solid piston technology

The working piston and valves are bypassed in conventional monotube and twin-tube dampers. In contrast, KW V5 suspensions do not bypass the oil in the piston chamber. Instead, it is used to control the damping force. When the piston moves, it displaces the oil in the piston chamber. This oil then flows through the compression and rebound valves, which are independently adjustable.

Generic cross-section of a KW V5 strut

You can independently adjust the compression and rebound valves of the KW V5 coilover suspension and KW V5 Clubsport coilover suspension for the Lotus Emira with 14 clicks each in the high-speed and low-speed range.

It is evident that the Lotus Emira KW V5 suspension employs distinct springs compared to the V5 Clubsport coilover suspension kit

Our suspension development colleagues distinguish between high-speed and low-speed damping based on the piston rod’s movement rather than the vehicle’s speed.

Equipped on this Lotus Emira are the BBS CI-R Unlimited alloy wheels in 20 x 9 inch and 20 x 11 inch with Goodyear Eagle F1 in 245/35ZR20 and 295/30ZR20

Rapid piston rod movements consistently happen during compression and rebound, particularly when driving on rough roads or navigating curbs on a race track. Even passing over a transverse bridge joint on the highway induces “high-speed excitation,” affecting the damping.

Generic illustration of the KW V5 damper setting with four individual adjustable valves

For example, the high-speed valves for compression and rebound can be set to a more comfortable setting, while the low-speed damping can be set to a sportier setting for more direct handling. 

Upgrading the Lotus stock suspension to either the KW V5 coilover suspension kit or the KW V5 Clubsport suspension kit not only enhances the sporty handling but also maintains or even improves the overall comfort level of the Lotus

For example, high speeds during compression and rebound are consistently provoked by rough or undulating asphalt surfaces and when navigating transverse bridge joints. In contrast, slower damping speeds are prompted by acceleration, braking, and steering.

Every damper that we manufacture at our headquarters in Fichtenberg is tested at various high and low speeds during the production process

Simply put, slow piston rod movements are typically caused by the driver’s actions, while the road surface primarily induces rapid compression and rebound.

The KW V5 Clubsport for the Lotus Emira employs uniball-bearing rubber-metal elements, while the KW V5 coilover suspension does not. Additionally, the KW V5’s spring rates are softer than those of the Clubsport

A significant difference between the KW V5 coilover suspension and the KW V5 Clubsport coilover suspension lies in their intricate design. For instance, the Clubsport coilover suspension kits use unibal bearing mounting elements on both the front and rear axles, a feature absent in the KW V5. Moreover, the Clubsport boasts higher spring rates for the main and preload springs. Additionally, the valves in the V5 Clubsport are engineered differently compared to those in the standard KW V5 coilover suspension kit.

We are increasingly incorporating KW Solid Piston technology, proven in current GT3 customer racing, into a wider range of road and track day applications

All our Clubsport coilover suspension kits, from the V3, V4, and V5 Clubsport variants, have been meticulously engineered for close-to-production Clubsport vehicles and sports cars at our KW Headquarters in Fichtenberg (Germany).

The notion that retrofitting a high-quality coilover suspension kit would inevitably compromise ride comfort has been outdated for decades

At KW, we always understand track tools to be vehicles still close to production and driven with semi-slick tires; that’s why all our Clubsport coilovers always have a parts certificate. Close-to-production means that the respective track tool is still almost at the standard vehicle weight and that you have neither a consistently lightweight construction nor a welded-in safety cell on your car.

In this German video (you can switch to English using the auto-translate feature), you’ll discover the key distinctions between entry-level and top-notch suspension systems

Some time ago, we released a YouTube video featuring Tom Schütze, where our colleagues from the KW racing department delve deeper into this topic. They explain whether opting for a racing suspension from us is more beneficial than a Clubsport coilover suspension.

If you’re questioning the purpose behind this, glance at our Tracktool customer Maximilian Kurz’s BMW E36 M3 (click on the bold text). He achieves impressive lap times on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, all thanks to the high cornering speeds enabled by our four-way adjustable suspension.

On both axles, the KW V5 Clubsport and KW V5 coilover suspension on the Lotus Emira can be continuously lowered by 10 to 30 millimeters

A significant advantage of our solid piston dampers lies in their intimate integration with the damper hydraulics, leading to a more compact overall system. This design enables the displacement piston suspension to respond with heightened sensitivity to road imperfections, effectively absorbing and mitigating bumps for a smoother, more harmonious driving experience.

Even with minimal suspension travel, the KW V5 coilover suspension and KW V5 Clubsport deliver exceptional damping control, enabling drivers to navigate the Lotus Emira’s limits confidently and quickly. Our technology elevates the mid-engine sports car’s ride and handling characteristics, enhancing its stability and agility.

KW equipped Manthey Porsche
Anyone who frequently drives a sports car or compact car on racetracks should consider upgrading to our KW Clubsport coilovers (Photo Alok Paleri).

Everyone has to decide whether to go for the KW V5 Clubsport coilover kit or the standard V5. If you drive six to ten times yearly on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, go for the KW V5 Clubsport coilover suspension.

If you choose the KW V5 coilover suspension, you get one of the most modern coilovers on the aftermarket

Both coilover suspension kits available for the Lotus Emira have a parts certificate, and the lowering on the front and rear axles can be continuously adjusted between 10 and 30 millimeters.

On our homepage, you will find all detailed product information, prices, and a dealer search

Just visit our homepage,, if you want to know more about our suspension technology, delivery times, prices, technical parts certificates, or if you are looking for an installation partner for your KW coilover suspension.

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