Experience modern Technology in the Cult of Yesterday – KW V3 Classic Damper Set for Porsche 911 (1963 – 1973)

The KW V3 classic dampers are also available for the years 1963 to 1973

We at KW supply our coilover suspensions for all Porsche 911s and are also working on constant product development for our KW Classic applications.

It doesn’t always have to be the technology of a Porsche 911 GT3 R (991.1) in the classic – but why not?

We recently revised our KW V3 Classic dampers for the first Porsche 911. The dampers are for all Porsche 911 (1963 – 1968), 911 L (1968), 911 T (1968 – 1969), 911 E (1969), 911 S (1967 – 1969), 911 T 2.2 (1970 – 1971), 911 E 2.2 (1970 – 1971), 911 S 2.2 (1970–1971), 911 T 2.4 (1971 – 1973), 911 E 2.4 (1972 – 1973) and 911 S 2.4 (1972 – 1973) available.

The lowering is adjusted using the original torsion bars of the Porsche 911.

What is new is that we now differentiate between model years for the rear axle dampers. The years 1970 to 1973 have a larger screw diameter (M14) than the Porsche 911s built from 1963 to 1970.

With the modern KW V3 Classic dampers, driving a classic Porsche 911 (F model) is much easier.

In specific markets like Germany, you need technical approval for road-legal aftermarket modifications on your car; this isn’t necessary for our KW V3 Classic shocks.

The KW V3 Classic for the Porsche 911 (original and F model) are registration-free
Even in markets like Germany, you don’t need to register the KW V3 Classic Shocks in your car documents for road approval.

Another new feature of our KW V3 classic dampers is that we offer the damper housings for our classic applications in black. The damper struts and rear axle dampers on the Porsche 911 (original model and F model) are now in powder-coated black finish.

The KW V3 Classic Damper kit is a ready-to-install suspension kit with forged spindles. So you don’t need to reinstall any damper cartridges from the original damper struts like other shock absorber kits. Another significant benefit is that our kit isn’t a coilover suspension kit; you can still use the torsion bars.

Including forged steering knuckle on the KW V3 Klassik front axle damper for the Porsche 911 F model
Due to numerous customer requests, our KW V3 classic dampers are also in black available

Since we have always offered the KW V3 Classic dampers as a ready-to-install complete solution, including forged steering knuckles (spindles), the KW V3 Classic dampers have always been made of black steel alloy. But at that time, we still had them available in yellow galvanized form only. Due to numerous customer requests, this will no longer be the case. The housings are now also in a black powder coating finish available (“KW Black Edition”).

Thanks to KW multi-valve technology, the classic Porsche drives (almost) like a modern Porsche 911

If you want to restore your Porsche 911 (F model), you can use the KW V3 classic dampers without hesitation
We also rely on our multi-valve technology for our KW V3 Classic dampers

Although classic Porsche 911s have lost none of their fascinations, so much has changed in driving dynamics in the last 50 years that retrofitting a modern suspension kit or damper set significantly increases vehicle safety.

The KW V3 Classic dampers are also available for the original and F models of the Porsche 911

As with our developments for modern vehicles or even our special OE suspension projects, we rely on our outstanding multi-valve technology for the KW V3 Classic dampers for the Porsche 911 (original model and F model).

The classic Porsche 911 with KW V3 classic damper drives as good as it looks
With the KW V3 Classic damper set, a classic Porsche 911 drives as good as it looks

Our dampers can be adjusted in low-speed compression and low-speed rebound, with their preconfigured high-speed valves for compression and rebound ensuring that the classic Porsche always remains controllable, even under demanding and combined vehicle stimuli caused by bad roads.

Before things become inharmonious, the pre-loaded high-speed valves in the damper open to ensure that a higher oil volume flow can flow through these channels. This causes the wheels of the classic Porsche 911 to tilt harmoniously.

Our KW V3 Classic suspension also impresses on winter trips to the North Cape! German Porsche Club drove with their vintage cars from the South of Germany to Lapland (click the image for the story)

Many people can hardly believe how relaxed an old 911 can be when driving in everyday life after the conversion. We even have KW Klassik customers who drove to the North Cape in winter with their old Porsche 911 (964)!

Illustration of the preset KW V3 basic setup on the Porsche 911 F model
We have also preset the basic setup for the KW V3 Classic dampers. Every KW suspension always comes with adjustment instructions.

If the recommended and pre-adjusted damper setting is too comfortable or stiff, you can choose a more comfortable or sportier setup in just a few steps. To do this, you have to open or close the compression and rebound valves further.

Ready-to-install complete solution with steering knuckle, the KW V3 classic damper for Porsche 911 (F model)
To adjust the low-speed rebound, all you have to do is insert the piston rod on the front and rear axle dampers, and the rebound setup can be adjusted with 16 clicks.

Rebound is responsible for how the Porsche 911 connects to the road and how quickly the wheels return to their original position after compression. Closing the rebound makes the handling more direct, while opening the rebound valves results in more forgiving handling and increases ride comfort. 16 click levels are available for adjusting the low-speed rebound.

The KW V3 Classic dampers are now available in black
The low-speed compression stage can be fine-tuned with twelve clicks on the lower side of the damper housing.

The compression stage, on the other hand, influences the compression and, therefore, directly impacts body roll movements when steering and cornering. In addition, the compression stage supports the steering behavior of the 911. The low-speed compression stage on the KW V3 Classic dampers can be adjusted with twelve clicks to optimize rolling comfort and tire grip further.

More about our classic suspensions kits directly on the KW homepage

The KW V3 classic dampers for the Porsche 911 are available from our KW specialist dealer partners or directly from us. We have also integrated a dealer search on our KW homepage. More at www.kwsuspensions.net

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