Welcome to our new series “KW Owner Stories”

In each episode KW automotive presents an interesting customer together with his car. Although almost every customer has a different car and a different need, all customers have one thing in common: they trust in a KW coilover suspension.

In our first episode we get to know Rachard Johnson. Rachard lives in Long Beach, Los Angeles, is a former professional rollerblader and has travelled the world. Rachard has two great passions: skating and cars.

Why he had to wait so long for his dream car, why in the end his wife made the decision for him and why it was absolutely clear to him that only a KW coilover suspension could be installed here, he will tell us personally. We publish the first episode August 18, 2022 at 19:00 (CET) on our KW automotive YouTube channel.

Instagram: fr$h MEDIA, Rachard Johnson / bred_x

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