Welcome to our new series “KW Owner Stories”

In each episode KW automotive presents an interesting customer together with his car. Although almost every customer has a different car and a different need, all customers have one thing in common: they trust in a KW coilover suspension.

In our first episode we get to know Rachard Johnson. Rachard lives in Long Beach, Los Angeles, is a former professional rollerblader and has travelled the world. Rachard has two great passions: skating and cars.

Why he had to wait so long for his dream car, why in the end his wife made the decision for him and why it was absolutely clear to him that only a KW coilover suspension could be installed here, he will tell us personally.

In the second episode we met Alexander Wöhr from Abstatt in Germany. Alexander works as a development engineer. His passion are Italian cars and the modification of these vehicles, especially for Show & Shine contests. He has already won countless trophies with his creations.

One of his vehicles is a Ferrari F430 Spider. In episode two of “KW Owner Stories”, Alexander talks to us about the special fascination of this car and why a KW coilover kit was the only option for him.

In the third episode we get to know Sean Lee from California, USA. He’s a car enthusiast and owns several cars. But one car is something truly special for him. His 1991 Acura NSX (Honda NSX). For him it’s some kind of a “cheap supercar” and of course he has chosen a KW coilover suspension for his NSX. Because it creates a lot more enjoyment and it improves the look and the handling. For Sean Lee, the suspension added a lot of value to his car.

“In my E36 I have the old stock S50B32 from a friend and the only thing I changed are a carbon airbox, but we didn’t change anything on the mapping”, remembers Maximilian. Also, on YouTube one or the other commentator is stunned how high the cornering speeds are with the KW Competition 4A racing suspension (KW V5 Racing) in combination with the Dunlop Direzza Semis.

You’ll find already the first episodes on our KW automotive YouTube channel.

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